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[HACKS] Road Trip Health Hacks To Help You Stay On Track With Your Goals

Oct 25, 2018


First thing is first.  It took me a long time to be able to breathe + write this. Because we relocated (once again) from the deep South to the Pacific Northwest.

Relocating isn’t something that’s new to the hubster + I; however, this travel was a wee bit different.  For a few reasons:

1.  Instead of moving DIRECTLY to our new location which is Washington, we had a three week transition period in Idaho for the hubster’s work.  This was odd.  Packing boxes for our new home in Washington… for our three week stay in Idaho… and a 3-day road trip.

When the movers arrived, they didn’t really understand the boxes labeled WASHINGTON and IDAHO. So ALL the boxes were packed in the moving truck (even though I was planning on taking the boxes labeled IDAHO with us in our vehicles).

It was a MESS.  And at the time of writing this blog post, I’m still recouping as the movers have YET to deliver our stuff.  In fairness, it has only been a MONTH without our things.

Translation:  We have been living out of a suitcase for the past mont which means we have worn the same three outfits over and over again x 15.

Do not get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for the clothes we have and the roof over our heads. And most importantly, I am grateful we are altogether.

This is just getting a wee bit comical as well as frustrating. Especially when the hubster looked at me the other day and said, “these pants little man is wearing needs to be tossed, he has holes in the knees.”

I calmly looked at him with a smile and said, “Yes, as soon as the movers arrive with our boxes, I’ll toss them out. Otherwise, he will wear them.”  I know. I am refusing to purchase new pants for my son because we have a SLEW of clothes coming soon (I hope) in those boxes.

Now, before you come at me, I would do the same to my pants… yes. yes. I would. I can say this with 100% certainty because the two pairs of workout pants I packed for my three day car trip both have holes in inappropriate spots where I can not wear them out in public! YIKES!

Anywho, besides all the drama with our move I’d love to share with you some tidbits on how we are keeping on track with our healthy lifestyle PLUS some things I am loving + can not live without.

But if you have a beat, any positive vibes + well wishes towards the movers bringing our stuff would be greatly appreciated.


Here are some tidbits on what I found helpful to bring along on our 3-day CROSS COUNTRY road trip with two geriatric canines + twin 5 year olds… (yes, we are crazy)!

  • CANVAS INSULATED TOTE: to bring healthy snack options because let’s be real, the gas station RARELY holds nutritious food items besides the $2 banana! WHAT?

    • loaded with boiled eggs, veggie sticks, berries, turkey slices, cheese sticks, sandwiches, etc.

    • dry snacks were also brought: nuts, beef jerky, Lara bars, RX bars, goldfish crackers (keeping it real), our own trail mix and pretzels

  • WATER BOTTLES: each one of us had our own water bottle along with a huge 5-gallon jug for the dogs (filled with tap water) + their water dish

  • EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES STORED IN A ZIPLOCK BAG UNDER DRIVERS SEAT:  this is super handy when traveling with wee ones BUT if I had to change one thing I would have added an extra set of clothes for MAMA. Why, oh, why did I not bring clothes for ME, too! I’m the one who gets slobbered on my the dogs… who had coffee spilt on her scrub pants… who was got sneezed on, etc. Next road trip: mama packing clothes for her.

    • Note: ziplock bag is warranted because any stinking clothes will be placed back in the ziplock bag after changing. you are welcome.

  • TOYS, GADGETS + BOOKS: this was super handy for the Gillies and keeping them entertained on the road trip. We had packed car-trip toys and placed them behind the driver/passenger seats in the truck, so they could access them with ease. We even used a small baking sheet for them to use + draw on with dry erase markers. other toys were purchased on Amazon + I’ll share below the toys which they loved!

  • PODCASTS + AUDIOBOOKS: Before our trip, I wrote a list of podcasts I wanted to listen to on the trip for business, entertainment, nutrition based, etc. Plus, the hubster + I each downloaded one audiobook we wanted to listen which was helpful since we ended up mid-trip NOT towing one vehicle and driving both! so instead of talking with one another, one of us was driving SOLO… which makes a 34hr road trip.

  • PILLOWS + BLANKETS:  This came in super handy as we drove thru Wyoming and Montana because we were greeted with unexpected snow storm. We made sure to have an extra pillow and blanket for each kid (as well as mama, although, I was driving and unable to use it).

The one thing I should talk about here is the importance of HYDRATION, especially while traveling. Now, you probably heard that most Americans are chronically dehydrated which astounds me, but when you think about it… it makes sense.  We tend to reach for caffeinated beverages over water to drink. hello, Pumpkin Spice Lattes over at the bucks of Stars?!?

(did that sting a little? my bad)

Keeping my water intake in check is one thing I have to F. O. C. U. S. on when we are traveling about because, well, it tends to slip my mind. whether because:

  1. I am reaching for caffeinated beverages to stay AWAKE! Hello, caffeine will make you urinate MORE because it’s a diuretic.

  2. Not wanting to drink as much because I don’t want to have to stop for bathroom breaks.

  3. Forgot to pack my water bottle (not likely)

  4. Refusing to stop for water/snacks until we are running LOW on gas

or something else. You get the scene: dehydration sets in + then mama gets a headache (reaches for caffeine or sugar), mama gets cranky… lips start feeling dry, mama gets a cold sore because I’m blessed with that capability… mama starts being a wee bit snippy + now, no one is having a good time - all because mama is drinking her water.

Here are some of my tips to staying HYDRATED while traveling.

down and dirty formula for how MUCH water to drink in a 24hr period:

1/2 your body weight (lbs) in ounces

ie. 140lb woman = 70oz of water in a day!



  • bringing your own water bottle (24oz +)
  • fill up water bottle with each gas stop or airplane transition
  • hit the restroom with each gas stop or airplane transition
  • drink at least 8-10oz of water BEFORE setting off on your adventure
  • drink at least 8-10oz of water WHEN you arrive at your destination for the night
  • avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol IF you are able to on your trip!


Now. I am curious, what are some helpful things YOU would bring on a car trip? Don’t be shy, shoot them this way ! I’m open to hear how I could make our epic road trips better!


“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. ”
— John Muir



You can get all fancy and mix the trail mix up with a wee bit of maple syrup + some spices then bake together. This is a quick, simple trail mix that’s super easy to whip up (even in the gas station parking lot) + filled with goodness for that pretty little noggin of yours: nuts, pumpkin seeds, blueberries and dark chocolate. so much GOODNESS!



After a 34-hr road trip across some beautiful country, we ended up in the mountains up in Northern Idaho.  The views and foliage are simply breath-taking! I’ll have to admit I am falling in love with this state. However, it’s not our end-destination… we stayed in Idaho for three weeks while the hubster wrapped up some additional training before heading out further west and north to the great state of Washington.

We are still waiting on our boxes of goodies, sleeping on the floor in an Elsa princess sleeping bag and wearing the same pair of running pants (which I do wash each day, thank you) and San Diego t-shirt.

The point is we made it safely to our destination.  Plus, we have a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. We are still a wee bit groggy from all the travels + catching up on our hydration and trying to find some sort of routine in our new residence.

Here’s a few more things I wanted to share with you before I put on my “mama hat” and wrap up this blog… whether you are traveling cross-country or not, whether you are moving into a new place or not… these tidbits are for you, love:

  1. give yourself some grace… when life kicks you in the lady bits, give yourself some grace to breathe + make mistakes + rest

  2. …..

That’s apparently it.

Give yourself some grace and when you are able start falling back into a routine to set up a foundation for yourself.   Whether that’s setting up time in the morning for YOU to focus on prayer/gratitude, craving out 30 minutes for a workout, binge watching Netflix with the hubster when the kiddos hit the sheets… set time for YOU + start making a routine that puts a smile on your face.

That’s all I have for you this week. mama still trying to get her feet on solid ground with the month of travel… setting up new doctors, dentists, dance classes, therapy sessions, post office box, etc. oh the joys of moving which no one every really talks about.

if you want to follow our crazy adventures more, I go a wee bit deeper in our FREE COMMUNITY. Otherwise, stay in the loop with snippets here where I’ll share next week some of our favorite recipes (which I’m making in our kitchen without pots, pans and a whisk as our only kitchen utensil!

Send prayers the movers come SOON!) and workouts that I’m following to keep mama sane and the MFP (mama-fanny-pack) at bay!


Grit + Gumption.






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