How Getting Uncomfortable Actually Serves You (+ Your Business)

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Last week, I was constantly monitoring the weather channel and the temperatures in Minnesota.  And as the temperatures kept dropping to the NEGATIVE numbers, my heart began to race fast. 


Why exactly?  Well, I signed up for an experience with a few other folks... none of which I knew.  We were to travel to the tundra of Minnesota and sleep in tents on a frozen lake. 


The experience would include: breath work with Wim Hof method coaches, chopping wood for the travel sauna, sleeping in tents on a frozen (2ft thick of ice) lake, plunging into the frozen lake and yoga sessions out in the snow.  Along with hikes, meeting new people and straight up just embracing getting uncomfortable. 


And as I packed an extra pair of thermals into my travel suitcase, I had to remind myself...



I signed up to get uncomfortable... to push past my limits... to silence the negative chatter when moments got tough.  I signed up for this.


Again, why exactly? 


Because it's in those moments of being uncomfortable, lessons are learned and growth can occur.


I was explaining my trip to my business bestie when it dawned on me how when working with clients... the thing which makes them the MOST uncomfortable is actually launching their product or offer.


Can you relate? 


Have you performed a "small or quiet" launch where you just posted once on social media or reached out to friends seeking referrals?   I'll be honest when just starting out in my business... that's what I did.


Posted once and waited.  Reached out to friends.  Seeked out referrals. Not ready to embrace the uncomfortableness of launching or putting everything out there.  It's tough! 


But I'll go back to what I learned about being uncomfortable.  It's when you embrace those moments, you learn... you grow... you experience something YOU would have missed out on. 


And I realized launching can actually be quite fun and exciting, plus it seems with every launch (either I do or a client)... I learn more about myself, people, story telling, etc. 


So, while I was packing my travel suitcase with arctic gear (and a bathing suit!!!), I created an opportunity where we can work together to get uncomfortable. 


It's an opportunity to launch your offer... serve more people... create the impact YOU want to make... with accountability, strategy and a wee bit of tough love.



This is for you IF have been waiting to launch your offer or wanting to create an impact in your business yet need some guidance, need someone to shoulder the overwhelm, need someone to hold you accountable to your goals. 


Seriously, though who is this NOT for everyone and that is okay!  So, let's break it down who this is not for exactly: 

  • This is not for you if you do not have an offer or an idea of an offer to present your audience. 
  • This is not for you if you want someone to integrate every tiny detail for you. 
  • This is not for you if you aren't ready to roll up those sleeves and get done + dirty! Well, not dirty, but you get the gist. 


Who am I looking for with the Launch Coaching Intensive, is the woman who is: 

  • Eager to create an impact in her business and serve her audience. 
  • Able to work and hustle for the next few weeks (yet still prioritize her health, wellness, sleep + family life!)... I got you, boo!  
  • Done with trying to do this by herself and willing to invest in her business to go to the NEXT LEVEL! 
  • Has a sense of humor, willing to get uncomfortable and is coachable... period.  I'm all about having fun and learning together. 


Because isn't it time to embrace being uncomfortable.  Remember, this is where the lessons are learned, the growth happens and where you tap into unbelievable strength. 



If this sounds exactly what you have been searching for or longing to help you in your business, then buttercup, sign up!  Just fill out the form by clicking the link below + we can discuss IF this is truly right for you.  




It's time to get uncomfortable. 


Grit and Gumption, 



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