Best Hacks For Onboarding A New Client

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You put your offer out into the world and some beautiful soul clicked purchase.  And the internet fairies sent them the "Thank You" email.  Now what?

One of my absolute favorite ways to onboard a new client is with a WELCOME PACKET.

It's the perfect way to provide them with all the nitty gritty details of what to expect from you, your offer and hours of operation.  Also, a welcome packet tackles any loose ends or questions new clients/students may have in the beginning of their journey with you.

But, what do you include in a WELCOME PACKET?  Let's dissect one together shall, we?  



First thing is first.  Welcome them to your program/offer/etc and express your gratitude for being there with you.  Because YOU are grateful they took a leap and hired YOU to provide the solution for them.  I love to make this section a wee bit personal and tell them why I'm grateful to have THEM on this journey with me, what's possible for them and to remind them of the promise I hope to deliver with this offer. 

For example, with my Launch Strategy Package.

My promise with the LSP is to provide a detailed step-by-step personalized business strategy to help them launch their offer on their deadline without the overwhelm, without the stress of not knowing what to do next and definitely without the hustling to write emails at midnight.  It's all about bite-size actionable steps each and every day along with accountability + support to make their launch effortless and repeatable!



This is a good time to recap on your mission statement and why this... this offer... this service you provide is important to you as well as to your overall vision. 

Someone once told me, "folks don't purchase products, they purchase the "WHY" behind the product."

This statement stuck with me and it's why I feel adding your mission statement to your Welcome Packet is vital.  It shows your client where you stand, what your vision is and allows them to be a part of the process.



Here you showcase what the client can expect from you along with your core values.  Some folks get tripped up on "mission statement" and "core values".  You can read a wee bit more about what the mission statement means to me by clicking >> HERE <<.  

As for core values, if my mission statement is the NORTH STAR then my core values are the tools in my toolkit to help me in that direction.  For instance, one of my core values include: 

  • Integrity:   I will do my absolute best to hold my word and our time together.  However, life can be a bit hectic.  If the need arises, you will be notified when appointments or deadlines need to be adjusted. Open communication is a core value, so be open, honest and coachable to receive the maximum benefits.

I typically will list out 3-4 of our team's core values on the Welcome Packet so our new client can understand what is of value to us in moving forward together. 



This section is a bit of a recap of what they will receive within their investment as well as any deliverables and the time frame which they will be provided.  

Alot of packages or services come with BONUSES which everyone is always chomping at the bit to receive.  This is a good time to jot down when those bonuses will be provided, so your client can mentally prepare to dive into them. 



This may be *optional* for you pending your offer/service.  For my Launch Strategy Package (LSP), I love to break down what we will be doing each and every week.  This provides the client with a visual tool, so they can see the progression of the work will be doing each week together.  



You have provided ALL the ways you will be getting them prepped and ready.  You shared with them what they can expect from YOU.  Now, it's the time to showcase how best they can prep themselves.  

This is where you will share with them ANY work which needs to be performed before your first call/session together.  What items they may need to purchase or have at the ready.  If there's any links for them to click and sign up for, documents/pdfs for them to grab or anything else they may need to get started RIGHT!



I absolutely LOVE sharing which tools and resources which will be used during our time together.  For instance, with our Launch Strategy Package, I use several tools such as: (which is FREE for my clients and where I host their personalized business strategy), ZOOM to host our sessions and CIRCLE for our private community. 

All of which are completely FREE for my clients; however, it's beneficial for them to realize what we will be using and provide, if possible, video tutorials for them to dive into before hitting the ground running. 



To save yourself loads of time answering similar questions, this space will help you get in front of the ball and tackle those questions BEFORE getting swamped answering them. 

If you have a new offer/service, jot down questions you feel your client may have.  One great exercise is to not just put yourself in their shoes but to consider what questions YOU have had before when signing up for a course, product, service.  

Here's an example of what one of my LSP questions:



Delivering a WELCOME PACKET is a perfect tool to onboard clients!  It provides them with a clear picture of what working with you + your team looks like, what they can expect, the resources which will be used in the process as well as what YOU expect from them!

There's additional items which you can include in your WELCOME PACKET such as:  questionnaire, feedback section, etc.  However, this is a general overview of my own. 



If you want to download the template I personally use to onboard new clients, just simply click >> HERE <<.  



And if you discovered additional tidbits to welcome new clients, then don't stay quiet... fill me in.  I would love to know how to best serve!  


Grit + Gumption. 











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