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One quote I can totally relate to is Albert Einstein's, when he said: 

Why do I always get my best ideas while shaving? 



Well, I don't necessarily get my absolute best ideas while shaving but definitely in the car or even running.   There's just something about allowing my mind to go through the motions and freeing up space for NEW ideas to pop in... even if scientist haven't figured why this happens exactly, I think there's something to this!

There was a study I learned during a Masterclass where 15 minutes of meditation revealed positive effects for decision making!  Now, I'm not saying you have to go full on meditation mode to solve ALL your problems... although, it couldn't hurt.

What is being suggested is to create some white space in your beautifully chaotic life to allow your mind to wander.

So, here's the BIG QUESTION I have for you... where DOES your mind wander best?  Is it in the car while driving?  Is it in the shower?  Is it shaving your legs?  Is it while cooking breakfast?

I learned that Sara Blakely founder of Spanx discovered her mind wandered BEST while driving, so she added a commute to her work (turning a 5 minute drive into an hour long session) so her mind could wander.  

Why?  Because the more you let your mind wander, the more space you create for new ideas... fresh ideas and even solutions to obstacles you face. 

For me, my mind wanders BEST when I go for a long run OR when I drive (solo)... there's no many opportunities for me to drive solo these days; however, I can sneak in a long run when the house sleeps... and majority of the time, my absolute BEST ideas!  It's one reason, there's a little notebook + pen on my treadmill --- FOR IDEAS!



Discover WHERE your mind wanders best... AND get creative with how to maximize this time!  If you get fabulous ideas when you drive, can you extend your commute a few minutes?  Maybe it's when you head out for a run, can you schedule a morning jog a few times each week?  Find what works for you + create the space!  

IF you need a wee bit more inspiration or assistance with creating space in your day, then I'd love to have you join me for an absolute FREE session where I'll be teaching how to: 



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Excited to see you there + to see where your brain wanders best... where do YOU get those amazing ideas!?!? 


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