Increase Your Performance While Working From Home

Working from home definitely has it's advantages, especially for any introverts out there - like myself.  The at-home attire consisting of black leggings, graphic tees topped with a maxed out dry shampoo messy bun and hoodie.  No-judgement trips to the bathroom and the close proximity to the refrigerator.  Right?!?


However, there's also a downside to working from home which is... unlimited distractions!  And if you are a mama who finds herself building her empire out home with littles, those distractions were just 10x.  Kidding, they were 8500x. 


So, to help you out, love whether you are a mama or not... here's my top hacks to working from home PLUS a sweet little bonus to take your performance up a notch! 


1.  OWN YOUR HOURS:  You possibly heard this before "own your hours" however, what I mean exactly is OWN the hours with how you want to spend your time.  This could be:  being present with your kiddos, having lunch, working out, banging out a new blog post.  WHAT ever you choose to spend your time - be fully present and spend your time IN THAT activity.   

By doing this, you will reduce the guilt you may have for stepping AWAY to work while your littles are asking you to play another round of SORRY!  YET if you know, I'll just spend 2 hours in my business NOW... then when done, I'll be fully present to play - you reduce the mom guilt (which is very real). 


2.  CREATE YOUR SPACE:  Working from home can be a tad tedious if you have the same space to work as you do to eat lunch or even watch a movie.  By creating a space designated to work, you are informing your brain - IT'S PRODUCTIVITY TIME (aka. get to work, neurons).  

Here's some ideas to work from home, even if you are tight on space: 

  • Set the kitchen table for work by changing things up:  add a plant, picture frame, water bottle or even top it with a table cloth... so, it's a different setting from when you eat dinner.  Maybe sit in the opposite chair!  *bonus points if you are facing a window*
  • Clean out some closet space and create a tiny office space - perfect idea for podcasting as well! 
  • Switch things up during the day by moving your "office" by following the sunlight!  Maybe the sun is brightest in the morning in your bedroom - sit on the floor to write your blog post.  After lunch, you notice the sunshine peeking through the living room and you find it best to send emails while basking in the glow!  Be creative!


3.   DON'T SKIMP ON WELLNESS:  Working from home, some folks may feel like they can NEVER shut their brain off from getting tasks done.  However, by doing so, we tend to skimp out on our own wellness.  It's good to unplug - work will always be there, love.  Take care of you. 

  • Make sure to move your body every 45 minutes - even during those long ZOOM calls.  Take a break, turn off the camera and move!  Do some yoga poses, bust out some burpees, or squats.  Just get the blood flowing for 5 minutes or so. 
  • Hydrate with good clean water - it's so easy to forget, yet proper hydration is vital for one's mood, energy levels, immune system, circulatory system and even your poops!  TMI? Nah! 
  • Get some quality zzz's - the average adult needs roughly 7-9 hours of sleep each night... some can even benefit for taking an afternoon nap!  If that's you, then bust out a good 20-30 minute power nap but make sure to unplug at the end of the day and reboot your brain/body by hitting the sheets with some good sleep. 
  • Edit your plates - by working from home, you are able to cook your own meals without the excuse of "forget my lunch at home".  #nojudgement I have used that excuse before to order sushi while working an ER shift ;)  When editing your plates, think good quality protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates such as leafy greens, sweet potatoes, dark berries, etc.  This will keep your creative juices flowing and not have that post-lunch energy slump. 


4.  KNOW YOUR NON-NEGOTIABLES:  Our non-negotiables are things which you are committing to do each and every day.  However, the KEY here is that these non-negotiables can vary each day and will most likely evolve over time because of your amazing growth.  It's best to reflect at the end of each month, evaluate your progress + set your goals in place then set new non-negotiables for the month ahead.


Now, these are just a few hacks which serve me WELL as I find myself in this season of working from home while homeschooling our twins, the Gillies... and I did promise to give you a sweet little BONUS to take your performance up a notch!  


It's called my TA-DA GUIDE which was given this name because every time I cross something off my list, I yell, "TA DA!".  That brings me joy!   



This guide is to help you map out your non-negotiables and move towards your goals while focusing on owning YOUR time and being fully present with those you love. 


Now.  If you found this helpful to increase your performance as the CEO in your business + your life while working from home... I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you - give me some feedback over on the 'gram, share with it a friend or simply comment below.  


Until then...  

Grit + Gumption.


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