Hey there, love!

I love exploring health hacks to share with the busy woman to help her live a more vibrant + productive life by focusing on optimal brain + gut health.

We talk about green beauty, daily habits, nutrition, movement and mindset… it’s all connected, love. Did you know?

Amber has so much knowledge and helpful tips about brain and gut health. I enjoy learning about how different foods can effect the body and how I can easily incorporate them into my meals or snacks.
— Kama

At night, instead of reading veterinary medical journals... you can catch me snuggled up on the couch reading a nutritional book while our mastiff is drooling on my feet.  ... and I wouldn’t change a thing!  

Well, maybe the drool bit from the mastiff. 


Everyone is growing + learning, right?  So. No matter where you are in your health journey, I offer services just for you - all while focusing on optimal brain + gut health!  


A place where I share homemade meals... which tend to lean towards being dairy, legume, grain free!  You can also find a few DIY natural beauty tid bits and book reviews... basically, it's my little journal of what's happening in our little world with a few hacks to keep this mama sane.


But who the heck ARE YOU?!?

seriously. who the heck am I... and most importantly, how in the world did I get here sharing brain + gut health hacks? I bet those are two questions you are asking yourself because about a year or two ago, those were my questions.

no worries, love. I got you covered. you can check out more about me, HERE!

but if you like bullet-style tidbits, then, love WE could be friends. here's a quick breakdown for you:

  • born in Southwest Louisiana... yet lived everywhere, the folks call me "Cajun Gypsy"

  • married the love of my freaking life... and we were college sweethearts

  • veterinarian who received additional training (via residency) in Emergency/Critical Care

  • mama bear to 5yr old twins (born at 27 weeks, so, I am very much a helicopter mama but working on it)

due to our family's medical journey, I stumbled upon brain + gut health... saw the connection + want to share with others tidbits we have learned

huge God-sized dream in my heart... to own/operate an Equine Family Resort, called Cadillac Ranch for kids who need additional care. Kids will receive hippotherapy while their parents + I hangout to discuss nutrition, products we use, etc.


more on all that later... you can read more, if you'd like OR reach out to me but be warned I'm a wee bit quirky + full of energy! catch some glimpses of what I do by joining our virtual family! don't worry, love. it's free.



Amber’s dedication to brain and gut health is my gain. Her tips, thought out recipes & genuine passion for the knowledge are an invaluable resource. I can’t praise her enough.

- Lauren

There’s no stupid questions with this girl - she has a file cabinet bigger than the ones at the British Museum Library, and reaches into them to dole out indispensable advice on smoothies, bone broth powder, food, intermittent fasting, and chill time.
— Maria

Hi there, love.

Join our Brain + Gut Health Tribe where we share nutritional tidbits, clean recipes + success stories which help YOU stay motivated and keep moving forward towards your goal!

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SHe's building her empire : Guest speaker on Podcast + Brand ambassador



Want to dive a wee bit deeper into what I do... check it out here, loves!  And because I am a visual person - there's quick images you can browse through + click on what that fits with YOU!  



So. I am a doctor... and I am human, but I am NOT A HUMAN MEDICAL DOCTOR.  I am a veterinarian - an animal doctor.  The information I share is what I have found works for me and the reason I share this information is because I am a firm believer in "the more you know, the more you can grow".  The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.   

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