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100 Day Journey

Mar 11, 2018

Wait... what?!?  First off... it may seem a wee bit odd, but as a woman who strives to help others reach their health + wellness goals.  My own personal health + wellness goals were, well, suffering... to put it bluntly.  

I was staying up late to squeeze extra calls + trainings... waking up early to make sure I had everything set up for homeschooling... throwing meals together at the last minute... forgetting exactly when I actually showered and let's not EVEN talk about shaving my legs.  YIKES!!!  

It came to a point where I felt like my body was literally held together by Jesus +  whole lotta dry shampoo while running on pure coffee.  

side note:  here's my simple DIY dry shampoo recipe

you are welcome.

That's when the love of my life, the hubster gave me some tough love + an idea.  He casually mentioned I should focus on simply doing one percent better each day... just 1%.  For a person with a "Go BIG or Go HOME" attitude, this was hard for me to accept.  However, he went on... if I focused on simply being 1% better each day over time, I would be doing 100% better than I am doing today... and how great would that feel?  RIGHT?!?  

This spurred the idea... 1% better each day for at least 100 days.  Now, thanks to my brilliant dear sweet aunt... due to the compound effect, if done consistently over 100 days I'll be doing better than 100%.   However, for the ease of my mind... we are focusing on one new health hack (1% better) each day for 100 days, consistently.  

But WHICH habits, right?  And which area... nutrition? sleeping patterns? fitness? financial? spiritual? relationship-wise?  

Thanks to bookshelves which are loaded to the brim of books... I have collected darn near 100 healthy habits (aka. hacks).  And I made a list in no particular order - I still have a few slots open for health hacks, so if you got some -- shoot me a message or drop it in the comments!

“I believe the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. ”

— Joyce Meyer

Here's some details (mainly for my own clarification + accountability): 

  • Monday - Friday, I'll be sharing a HEALTH HACK first thing in the morning (CST).  You can follow me, HERE!
  • Each week, I'll be going LIVE in our Brain + Gut Health Community on Sunday @ 8pm Central to share the health hacks!


  • INTERNAL DIALOGUE:  speaking affirmations each morning 
  • NUTRITION:  hitting my water intake throughout the day 
  • FITNESS:  making sure to add foam rolling to the regimen 
  • SPIRITUAL:  spending time with God each morning 
  • RELATIONSHIP:  writing a love letter to the hubster 
  • SLEF-CARE:  add dry brushing to my shower routine


I'm all about women supporting one another + joining forces... so if YOU would like to join me -- follow along -- or cheer me on, then FANTASTIC!!!  Here's where you can join in on the fun!  

  • Brain + Gut Health Community:  going LIVE every Sunday evening @ 8pm Central 
    • Heads up... this is community is WOMEN'S only! 
  • Snag the Weekly Health Hacks:  get a recap of the past week's health hacks + let me know which ones YOU try... fill free to tweak these tips to YOUR benefit!
  • Cheer Squad:  shoot some positive vibes or send some health hacks YOU find helpful!  I'd love to hear from you! 

Until then... the more you know, the more you can grow!  

love + gumption.


Brain + Gut Health Explorer


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