Clean Beauty "MUST HAVES" for any CEO-Mom


Wow.  Let's be real for a second, love.  Growing up, I never learned about make-up... which is COMPLETELY odd considering I grew up in the South, right?  However, my mom wasn't big into makeup so... it's not something I learned.  Not saying that's bad or good... just my story. 


Now. In full honesty, there are a few things I NORMALLY use such as:

  • eyeshadow (for my right eyebrow - to hide a scar: fell off a chair when I was wee little)
  • sunscreen on my face
  • mascara (for special occasions)

And that's typically it....EXCEPT if you count chapstick. Does that count? Anywho. Now that we have a little one that's growing up curious about make-up and all things FANCY, I'm learning in my 30's about beauty products + teaching her as I go!

Most importantly, we are talking about how beauty, true beauty is all about KINDNESS... and feeling confident in your skin. we talk about how our unique features make us special... and how taking care of our skin starts from the inside FIRST!


“No beauty shines brighter than a good heart"  

- unknown





Now listen. Here’s the thing about my makeup bag contents… it wasn’t until a few years back, I got a wee bit self-conscious about wearing makeup. I mean in college, I would slather on moisturizer, chapstick and the occasional mascara then be out the door. But it wasn’t until I switched my focus from veterinary medicine to an online business (hello, Biohacker Babe Academy!) that I realized MY FACE needed to be seen… ugh. Thank you, social media.

Back up, Amber… what is this Biohacker Babe Academy?  
Well, BBA was created with the mantra "just focus on 1% better" in mind.  With monthly masterclasses in a private community, Biohacker Babes receive endless support and accountability while discovering biohacks designed to help reduce brain fog and gain clean energy in order to generate MORE results and create more impact while spending time living the life of one's dreams. 


With any virtual business, you surround yourself with powerhouses… right? And I did just beautiful, remarkable + generous women who shared with me tips on beauty: inner, outer, and all the products.

Then I went home, watched some youtube videos, studied up on ingredients IN BEAUTY products, etc.

My “clean beauty” journey is still on-going… to be honest, it’s only JUST BEGUN! But, I’ll share what I’ve learned thus far + the products I am loving. Plus, if you scroll down a wee bit, I’ll add some links for you to check out in your spare time!

Because the more you know, the more you can grow.




So. I’ll share with you a few things I use to WASH my face… and my honest opinion because, um, that’s how we roll, right?

  • CLEANSING BALM: this one the hubster says looks like I smeared “yak smegma” on my face… which is hilarious and in full disclosure I have no idea what that actually looks or feels like; however, this cleansing balm is freaking brilliant. It works as a “nourishing daily cleanser, a melting makeup-removing balm, and a deeply replenishing overnight mask.” I use this mask every single night EXCEPT on night’s I apply my facial mask. But I love how it removes my makeup PLUS hydrates my skin… freaking brilliant.

  • CHARCOAL CLEANSING BAR: I have always been interested in using charcoal for beauty products. Seriously, you can check out my blog on the button below! 

    Here’s a quick summary of this bar… it’s so good for oily or skin prone to breakouts which happens to be my CHIN AREA! I use this cleansing bar every single morning plus wrap it up in a dry cloth and travel with it!  

  • ADAPTATIVE MOISTURE LOTION: I am absolutely in LOVE with this lotion! Why? Because it provides ~24 hours of hydration to my skin which was crucial when we moved from the humidity of Texas to the drier climates of the North. This lotion helped my skin from being dry + patchy! LOVE IT!

Alright. Alright. Now on to the absolute FUN STUFF!!!!

The makeup, am I right? There are a few more items I use for my face like an activated charcoal mask.  I just figured you wanted to know the goods of the makeup bag NOW that you know the gist of how I PREP MY FACE! 



“Be good to your skin, love. You’ll be wearing it every single day for the rest of your life.”

— Amber L. Gill



Now that your face is prepped, here’s a glimpse into my makeup bag… plus a few items, I LOVE yet still learning to use!
  • TINT SKIN HYDRATING FOUNDATION: this foundation is so lightweight, I don’t even FEEL IT on my face + plus it helps smooth fine lines which I am loving the process of getting as I age, but sometimes, would like to smooth them out a wee bit.

    You feel me?  The only downside to this foundation is the fact the name of color I wear is called PORCELAIN which baffles me + my Cajun heritage.

  • BROW GEL: being 100% honest, I never even thought to purchase BROW GEL; however, a make-up artist in Wisconsin told me about this little trick… to apply light colored eye shadow on my brows (to hide my scar) then to go over in a slightly darker brow gel cover. I love the look it gives my eyebrows… because I doubt I’ll ever try microblading or anything like that since it takes me over a year to schedule an appointment with my OBGYN, I’m guessing I’ll never make the microblading appointment.

  • MASCARA: this mascara is a GAME-CHANGER for me. I use to love making my own version of mascara with activated charcoal and coconut oil; however, this option just surpassed this.

  • VIRAGO BABE LASHES: now. I’m not a HUGE lash-wearer, but when I have a photo shoot… I’ll bring them along. I do have to have another boss-babe put them on me since I’m still learning, so any tips to apply false lashes… shoot me a DM here! I love this company though for lashes… and if you CLICK on this LINK HERE, you can snag 10% off. You are welcome!

  • SHEER LIPSTICK: Lipstick is a tough one for me because I don’t like “sticky” lips… and dislike getting the color on everything: glasses, bottles, our twins’ cheeks, etc. Plus, I was born with naturally deep pink lip color… I know, hate me for this, but it’s true.

    If it makes you feel better, my left eye gets a wee bit lazy when I’m tired. See, we all have something.

    Anywho. Lipstick.

    This one is so sheer it gives just the right TINT to your lips plus didn’t stain my water glass or ink pen cap when I noticed I was chewing the cap.  And it isn’t sticky so the hubster was happy :)

    The color I choose was TERRA and for fun-sake, I even marked it on my hand in the picture so you could see the color on my skin. I felt uber fancy doing that… it’s the little things.

  • EYESHADOW: Long, long time ago, I caught a Facebook LIVE where a makeup artist recommended this eyeshadow palette and because it was natural colors, I snagged it up. I love the colors in this palette; however, don’t know much about the company and the ingredients in their products.

    YIKES! How is THAT for honesty?!?

    But… it’s what’s in my makeup bag!  If you have an eyeshadow brand that holds true to clean ingredients… drop me a line!



And there you go… a glimpse into my makeup bag “must-haves”! Here are a few links to read a wee bit more about beauty… clean beauty products… recipes… etc:





Love. Thank you for letting me give you a glance into my makeup bag + some of the items I think are “MUST HAVES” for any mama, okay, any woman actually now, I would love to hear from you.

What is in YOUR BAG?  Did I miss anything? Do you have a youtube tutorial to help me out with applying makeup?

If so, I would absolutely love to hear FROM YOU!!! Fill free to drop it in the comments below or shoot me a DM on the 'gram. 

Because the more you know, the more you can grow!


Grit + Gumption.



Biohacker Babe



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