Popeye was on to Something... Eating Leafy Greens!

In the book, “The Better Brain Solution” it mentions eating a cup of green leafy vegetables every day will make you (on average) 11 years physiologically younger than someone who doesn’t!

{ did you hear that... someone just shut the front door }

Some leafy greens include: spinach, kale, brussels, swiss chard, etc.  Now, I like to sneak spinach/kale into smoothies... toss them into scrambled eggs... serve as a big sass salad with a droopy egg on top. DELICIOUS!!!

Leafy greens are loaded with fiber. vitamin K. folate. potassium. antioxidants. anti-inflammatory props and so much more.

How do you sneak leafy greens into YOUR plate? Need ideas, love.  Just ask below👇🏼or drop me an email...

NOTE:  one of my superpowers is getting my kids to eat veggies (the other superpower is speaking pig Latin fluently.) ightra?!?

Which brings me to this HEALTH HACK: Aim for at least 1 cup of leafy greens a day!

Amber's Health Hack:  Drink Water

In case you need footnotes, here you go... um. your cells will be physiologically younger if you eat leafy greens daily... it’s good for heart, brains and bones.


  • Check the EWG list of the Dirty Dozen - you may want to opt for organic! 
  • Purchase from a local farm if and when possible!  
  • Leaves shouldn't be wilted... they should be a vibrant color throughout with no holes/tears or evidence of damage! 
  • Wash thoroughly to remove all of the dirt off... then dry off!
  • We store most of our leafy greens in the fridge... in the crisper! 





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  1. The Better Brain Solution by Steven Masley, M.D.
Eating one cup of green leafy vegetables every day will make you, on average, eleven years physiologically younger than someone who skips them.
— Steven Masley, M.D.

If you have any tidbits or health hacks YOU love, then share below or shoot me an email -- I'd love to learn more.  Because the more you know... the more you grow!  Until then...

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