4 Things Learned From Running + How It Applies To Business

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This year, I set a goal for myself to start training as an endurance athlete which sounds crazy UNLESS you are also hooked on running countless hours in the middle of nowhere lost in your own thoughts... then you get it.

But what I'm LEARNING about this journey is how much endurance training has a LOT in common with being a digital CEO... such as:

  1.  VISION:  In both your business + in endurance training... you set a vision for yourself. Maybe it's to gain 5 new 1:1 clients... maybe it's to run 50K... you jot down a VISION to get you towards you goal.
  2. RESILIENCE:  There will be ups and downs with both being a solopreneur as well as a runner. Plus, most of the time, YOU are alone when putting in the work. You'll want to throw in the towel at some point... but you also realize with every fail/loss, there's an opportunity for growth!
  3. REST DAYS:  Just as an athlete needs to have days to RECOVER and allow their body to heal, an entrepreneur would benefit from stepping away from a project - resting, build up those creative juices again and see things with a fresh pair of eyes. I always tell clients, everything benefits from being unplugged for a bit!
  4. SEEK GUIDANCE:  This one, I recently took my own advice in and HIRED an endurance running coach.  See, a coach sees your potential, your weaknesses, strengths... soaks up ALL the data (without the emotions you as the runner OR business owner may have) + crafts a strategy to get you to your end goal WITHOUT jeopardizing your mission statement OR core values.

Sometimes, we get SO focused on what's IN THE JAR that we don't stop to read the label - horrible analogy, but you get it!

No matter WHERE you are in your journey... seek guidance, be resilient, embrace the rest and set the vision.  You got this!  


Grit + Gumption.



Biohacker Babe


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