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creating the impact you desire WITH YOUR OWN BUSINESS BLUEPRINT without sacrificing your time or energy 


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You are here to serve your audience , build a team and get YOUR offer out in the world to create IMPACT! The only problem is… you are finding it difficult to block time in your already beautifully chaotic life.

Have you ever wondered why some women-entrepreneurs seem to be able to launch with ease and without everything else in their life falling apart?  Without the overwhelm?  

Do you ever wish you could create time and space to launch your offer without feeling rushed at the end because YOU have every detail mapped out? 

You wish you could have an effortless launch where you are able to sit back on cart open day knowing you gave your audience YOUR best - and left nothing on the table .... without sacrificing other areas in your life.


And I'm here to help with that.

Your Biohacker Biz Strategist

Name is Amber. And I am here to help create the business blueprint, the strategy and all the details so YOU can focus on doing what YOU do best -- serving your audience.

One of my superpowers is taking an end goal and visualizing the timeline while jotting down the tasks and dates on the calendar. 

Being a homeschooling twin mom who owns her own business PLUS coaches for James Wedmore's Business By Design community, I know it's crucial to have a well-laid out plan YET be flexible and make changes on the fly for when life happens.


launching + life

It’s not that you cannot have a stress-free launch where you feel prepared for whatever LIFE throws at you... where everything is mapped up so you can visualize the entire process! 

It’s just that sometimes it's challenging to see ALL the moving pieces when you are IN the business and when the mind-villians (ie. limiting beliefs) start popping up telling you can't or shouldn't be doing this or who are YOU to be doing this! 

Who else hears those mind-villains?

Want to know the secret behind getting in front of a launch so you don't feel RUSHED at the end, ie. throwing together emails the day before they go out?

It's having your own... Biohacker Biz Strategist!



Imagine having a polished launch where you feel relaxed and confident ...without scrapping it together at the last minute

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • You have a clear strategy for your business with bite-size tasks
  • You have a trained coach to help you crush those mind-villains
  • You are able to stay in YOUR creative zone of genius knowing you have your own secret weapon behind-the-scenes keeping things in check
  • You are able to go into your launch with a clear head knowing YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there without the overwhelm.


Creating the impact you desire with your own business blueprint and knowing you aren't alone on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster!

Biohacker Biz Strategist is everything you need to:

  • Take the vision for your business from your head to your reality
  • Guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of the entrepreneur
  • Start implementing the information YOU already accumulated + start creating the impact YOU desire

With Your Biohacker Biz Strategist You Get... 


Your 90-minute blueprint session is the perfect time to brain dump together!  Here we will explore your business as well as life goals and the overall vision you have in your heart.  This session is also where we will discuss: 

  • The future version of YOU + their habits both in life as well as in business
  • Who you are serving + what ways to serve them
  • Your business strategy + the steps to move forward
  • Tweaks for more mental clarity, focus + improved performance

With Your Biohacker Biz Strategist  You Get... 

Business blueprint

With your customized blueprint, you will be able to see the vision in YOUR head all laid out in bite-sized actionable steps. Using a laid-out strategy from a 7-figure business company, you will: 

  • Have  a clear picture of what action needs to be taken, the priority and the date it's due 
  • Be able to visualize which items can be outsourced to reduce the overwhelm + stay in your zone of brilliance
  • Have clear communication so you can show up each day with confidence in what YOU need to focus on

With Your Biohacker Biz Strategist You Get... 

a coach in your pocket

The entrepreneurial rollercoaster is REAL (Darren Hardy wrote a book on it!)... and sometimes, you just need someone to guide YOU through the obstacles, mental blocks, etc.  

  • Bi-weekly 90 min coaching calls 
  • Weekly email check-ins with journal prompts to assess energy, tasks completed and if there's anything "getting in your way"
  • Daily Voxer (audio) support for when you "just have a quick question"

With Your Biohacker Biz Strategist You Get... 

second-pair of eyes

Ever just want a second pair of eyes on your content?  Whether that's posting on social media, hosting a webinar or sending out an email.  With your Biohacker Biz Strategist, you will be able to have just that plus receive feedback to create the impact YOU desire.  You'll also get:  

  • A second-pair of eyes on your outgoing emails 
  • A second-pair of eyes on your social media posts and even a well-laid out strategy for your posts gearing up towards your launch
  • A second-pair of eyes and ears as you go over your launch content whether you are planning on hosting a webinar, workshop, challenge or masterclass.

With Your Biohacker Biz Strategist You Get... 

your "next 90 days" session

No more flailing like a dead fish when your launch is over!  With this 60-min session, we will recap over the past 90 days reflecting on: 

  • What worked tremendously well - the strategy, copy, outsourcing, etc.
  • What are areas we could tweak and in what ways!
  • What habits did YOU have to either REMOVE or ABSORB to obtain the results. 
  • The vision for the next 90 days - who is THIS version of YOU that already has them!

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to a curated bonus suite to take you to the finish line faster...

let's dive into your bonuses

biohacking session

In your biohacking session, we dive into your daily habits as well as where there are energy zappers!  No sense in having time to work if your brain is all muddled + there's no focus.  With this session, you receive a complimentary biohacking book which is filled with tweaks to implement in your day-to-day for increased energy, mental clarity + improved productivity. 

$497 value

copy roadmap 

Avoid being a deer in the headlights as you stare at a blinking line on your screen... begging you to start typing!  With Business Architect, you will receive a strategy of what of to share with your audience in your emails, social media posts and when!

$297 value

are you ready?

  • Your Vision Session
  • Your Business Blueprint 
  • Your Own Coach in Your Pocket
  • A Second Pair of Eyes
  • Your Next 90 Days Session
  • Biohacking Session 
  • Personalized Biohack Workbook
  • Copy Roadmap



There has never been a better time to create the impact YOU desire + start living the dream placed on your heart.

"I won't be launching without Amber moving forward"

Amber is phenomenal, I can't sing her praises enough. She made my launch SO much easier for me. I actually giggled after our first planning session... because, I felt like I had a secret weapon.

I didn't have to think about the details that don't come easily to me or what to do next. I had someone outside of myself who isn't so close to my work NOT only giving me a ROAD MAP but also giving me feedback.


All I can say is, I won't be launching without Amber moving forward.

Chrissy Ajisafe, Transformation Coach

"Breaks everything down into actionable items"

Coaches need coaches too! Even though I’m a business coach, I go to Coach Langley for coaching and support for my own business. She helps me to identify my blind spots and has a tremendous gift for transforming all of my swirling thoughts, feelings, and ideas into a cohesive plan that feels good.

She breaks everything down into actionable items and tops it all off with her signature killer accountability. Langley is fierce, funny, and totally understands the unique challenges of mompreneur life. If you’re ready to get crystal clear clarity on the steps to take to get you to the next level in your biz, Langley is the boss biohacking babe to get you there. 

Kimi Morton, Owner of Work Light

are we a good fit?

Should you choose Amber as your Biohacker Biz Strategist? Are we a RIGHT fit?

Time + energy is precious, you know?! So let me know fill you in on the boss babe I would love to work with, and you might be a match.

Let’s find out.


  • You have a heart to serve.  There's a dream on your heart and you will FIGHT to make it a reality!
  • You have a good sense of humor yet can get down to business when it's GO TIME.
  • You have consumed a lot of information from courses yet you KNOW it's now time to APPLY what you learned
  • You understand in our coaching calls, it is not ALL about getting the right answers laid out for you... but discovering them for yourself!
  • You are MORE than ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL whether that's your first launch, your first 5-figure launch or your first 6-figure year!

are you ready?

  • Your Vision Session 
  • Your Business Blueprint 
  • Your Coach in Your Pocket 
  • A Second Pair of Eyes


  • Your Next 90 Days Session 
  • Biohacking Session 
  • Personalized Biohack Workbook 
  • Copy Roadmap