Natural Deodorant: Ditching Chemicals on My Pits


Deodrant is one of those products that folks typically don't think about... it's a habit.  And with it's application, you get a wee bit of peace of mind that you won't stink up the place and/or there won't be unpleasant sweat stains under your pits during this afternoon's office meeting.  Right?  

Well.  In our journey towards a healthier lifestyle... while our main focus is optimal brain + gut health... I realized nutrition isn't the ONLY thing that contributes to optimal brain + gut health, but also your internal dialogue... your daily habits... and even the products you place ON your body.  

So.  I started with deodorant... and soon discovered that there were at least THREE common ingredients found in conventional deodorants that scare me, but let's briefly touch base on one today.

Anywho.  This brings me to the HEALTH HACK: Start your day with 8oz of Water

Aluminum is the primary ingredient included in antiperspirant deodorants which is a metal used to “block” the sweat glands.  There have been concerns with if this is related to serious medical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and breast cancer.

Now.  I won't get into the science-y part of things... if you'd like to check out some article to dive a wee bit deeper, I'll source some below.  But my thought is this... why chance it?  If a natural product works JUST as good as a product containing ingredients which scare me + may pose a health concern in the future.... why not opt for the natural product, right?  

This will be a future blog entry from me along with the top natural deodorants I recommend as well as the ones which I have tested + simply do not work (thank you for letting me smell like liver + onions all day long!)

NOTE:  current brand I am trying is Schmidt's Lavender + Sage



  • Read your ingredients on the products YOU are using... research products and companies... find the ones you love + trust then let me know!  Because the more you know, the more you can grow! 

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If you have any tidbits or health hacks YOU love, then share below or shoot me an email -- I'd love to learn more.  Because the more you know... the more you grow!  Until then...

love + gumption.


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