Switched This Morning Habit to Increase My Energy + Mental Clarity


In 7 years of running an online business while juggling life with twins, the morning routine has evolved over time. With the past two years, I have seen EXPLOSIVE ENERGY and LASER FOCUS in my days.

I went from exhausted, 2pm latte drinking brain fog mom squeezing snippets of work throughout the day to energized, mentally focused and coaching for an 8-figure business all while homeschooling our twins, the Gillies.

 Here's the beautiful part about this, the transformation didn't take more HUSTLE... sweet, right?

However, it did take focusing on my habits... just 1% at a time. 

That's right - this isn't about trying to do ALL the things ALL at once. Heck, no one can do ALL the things ALL the time. It's simply about doing your best, every single day. No matter WHAT the season you are in, love.

 Some days, you are going to be channeling ALL of the WONDER-WOMAN vibes which is awesome - do your best that day! Other days, you are spraying dry shampoo on your toothbrush because you didn't get enough sleep- fantastic! Do your best that day, too, even if that means wearing stained-sweatpants and eating popcorn for breakfast.


My goal is to help women entrepreneurs have more "natural" energy throughout the day while providing hacks on how to use this boundless energy plus their time more efficiently.  I do this through the Biohacker Babe Community AND working 1:1 as their Biohacking Biz Strategist!

Why? Because I know you don't LONG to stare at a computer screen all day. There are other things tugging at your heart... you want to be fully present with your kiddos, take your pup for a walk or heck, maybe even just chill out for an hour or two with a good book.

Yes, we want to create an impact in our business and serve our audience... but your time and energy do not need to suffer because of it.


See, our time and energy is our biggest currency which is why I am passionate about helping YOU generate more and use what you have more efficiently. No more burnout. No more brain fog. No more hustling to just get by.

It's all about your habits, love. What do you have to lose?


THIS is the biggest missing piece with anyone's "setting a new habit" process: they try and create a morning routine to help them start their day on the right foot without first identifying where they are actually zapping energy or losing energy in their current morning routine. That's like trying to wash a car without rinsing off the mud first. It actually limits your full potential!


And here's something I have learned... a LARGE amount of your energy most likely is being zapped before you even have your morning cup of coffee.


Most of us are starting our day being plugged into social media, emails or daily news which automatically switches are brain to a defensive state. And as the day goes on, the brain is constantly in a "fight or flight" status unable to fully relax which leaves us feeling anxious, tired and maybe even frustrated.

Which leads me to THIS question... how long after your alarm clock goes off in the morning do you start plugging into the world via emails, news, text messages, social media, DMs, etc?  


An hour?  Half hour?  A few minutes?  It's so easy to nowadays to immediately plug into our phones for a podcast, audiobook or music, isn't it.  

Here's my challenge for YOU if you want to take it.  

Instead of plugging into phone or turning on the news first thing in the morning,  consider going "device-free" for the first 2 hours of the morning and feeding your brain with affirmations, gratitude journaling, meditation or even reading a book on personal development.  


You up for the challenge?  Let me know in our community + join in on the conversation as we talk MORE about how to biohack your day for more energy and mental clarity! 


Grit + Gumption.



Biohacker Babe







There's only two currencies in life:  time and energy. We may not be able to generate more time, but you certainly can generate more energy.  Let me show you how!


The quote, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one", is one of my favorites as it celebrates the ability to be passionate about more than one thing.  A few of my passions shared on this website include: business strategy, biohacks, books and badsass endurance events. 

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