My Repurposing Strategy Which Saves Me Time (+ Brain Cells!)

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There are two sources of currency we all have:  time and energy.  The latter we can generate through nutrition, biohacks, sleep, lighting and so on.  Yet, we all know we can not generate more time; however, we can use it to the BEST of our ability! 

This applies to all areas... for me, these areas include: homeschooling, endurance training, coaching and even creating content for various social platforms. 

In all honesty, social media is not my favorite thing on the planet. [Enter huge but!] BUT, I understand the importance for me to create content and serve my audience which may include posting content on various platforms.  

And each platform has it's own special set of rules as well as things it likes to help promote your content.  Fabulous.  *sarcasm* 

As a homeschooling twin mom who coaches within the Business By Design community as a head coach AND coaches her own clients either in our membership or in a closer capacity, it's all about working smarter and not harder. 

You ready to hack your time so you are working smarter (and not harder)?!?  Let's go!



What I mean by "baseline platform" is identify the main way you would like to communicate with your audience. 

Do you have a love for writing like myself?  Then maybe it's writing a blog!  

Would you rather hop on video and serve your audience this way?  Okay, it's YouTube or even hitting LIVE on another platform. 

Maybe you are the type of person who shines with a mic in her hand and a podcast is where you would feel best providing content.  

Either way, choose the baseline platform for you to simply create content.  And let's build from there. 



Before we can discuss how to repurpose your content, you first need to create content... on the regular.  And it's listed as weekly content; however, do not allow this to stress you. 

If you are more of a bi-weekly content creator or even a monthly creator, then, you do you.  This is just an example of what I do each week and yeppers, each week, I strive to write a blog which I then break down into itty bits of content for various platforms... so I can best reach and serve my audience.  

Now, if you are already on the struggle bus thinking, "Amber, help!!! What do I do? What should I share?"  

Then buttercup, listen up.  Tap on over here and give this 2-min blog a read to discover how you can create content based on your client's journey with you.  

KEY WORDS:  with you!



These three "Rs" is actually a song, the Gillies (our twins) currently sing which is hilarious.  We are always trying to reduce, reuse and repurpose items in our house.  Why should our content be any different?!? 

 Take your baseline platform content and repurpose it on various platforms. 

Now, before you get overwhelmed.  I am not saying you need to post on ALL the platforms.  Heck no, I don't do that nor will I tell you to do that at this time.

What I am saying is be consistent with where you want to repurpose your content.  There's a slew of platforms show figure out what best suits YOU and your audience.

Good place to start is WHERE is your audience searching for content? 

Are they on: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Podcast Apps 
  • Clubhouse
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn 

The list goes on and on... and as time clicks on, I'm pretty sure there will be even more platforms. 

So, choose where you would like to be consistent YET do not need to jump on every new platform ASAP.  Take your time, explore and do what's best for you.

Be aware of what types of content the platform you are posting LIKES to share... at the time of this blog post, Instagram, for instance, is favoring reels.  So, guess what buttercup - mama is making reels.  

And no, I'm staying away (as long as possible) from the dancing and pointing; although, I am showing up and serving as best I can.  Could my reels be better?  Definitely!  Does it bother me?  Not in the least.  You can check out some reels HERE!

I'd rather have imperfect action > perfect inaction any day of the week. 


That's a slew of information for you, friend.  To make things so much simpler, I broke down one piece of content for you and listed exactly HOW I reuse, reduce and repurpose the content for various platforms.  This downloadable guide will have you working smarter with the limited time you have... while serving your audience like a rockstar!  

You can download the guide >> HERE <<.


Grit + Gumption.









There's only two currencies in life:  time and energy. We may not be able to generate more time, but you certainly can generate more energy.  Let me show you how!


The quote, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one", is one of my favorites as it celebrates the ability to be passionate about more than one thing.  A few of my passions shared on this website include: business strategy, biohacks, books and badsass endurance events. 

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