Stop Flaking on YOU!


you said tomorrow, love.

{ boom }

The conversation I had with myself this morning as I laced up my shoes... bundled up and headed out for some trail running. Seems like I kept putting off something that fills my cup... running outdoors... and it hit me this morning, I keep flaking on myself!!!!

Each time, I postpone an appointment or skip out on getting my hair cut or bail on that hot yoga class... I’m saying, “there’s something more important than me + my health at that moment.”

Ouch. Right?

Let me say that again in case you skimped over that last part…

“Each time, I postponed an appointment or skipped out on getting my hair cut or taking that hot yoga class... I was basically telling myself, there’s something more important than me + my health at that moment.”
— Amber

But what’s more important than your health, love? I can’t take care of the kids... my coaching clients... my life or business if not taking care of me.

Now. I’m not saying… don’t feed the kids or go to work or even pay your bills because you are going to take that hot yoga class. I’m not saying that at all… what I’m saying is, you have to give yourself some grace + take care of you, too, love.

Whatever that looks like for you!


Today’s Health Hack is simple + a wee bit tough to hear... but stop flaking on yourself + do something I take care of YOU!

Need some ideas?

  1. call your bestie + go grab a cup of coffee and just sit and talk. even if there’s miles between you, schedule a coffee date via FaceTime and catch up!

  2. when the house sleeps, grab a mat and join in on a virtual yoga class… clear your mind, focus on your breath and just be.

  3. snag a facial mask or use one of my favorite DIY body scrubs to make you fell like a goddess while you sip hot tea and dive deep into a good novel.

  4. take a beat in the mornings to spend some time in meditation, place some “white noise” on or just focus on your breath and allow your mind to be at ease as you release the stress you are holding on to, love.

  5. schedule a salon day and go get your hair cut… or colored… or just washed by a professional stylist. this is one I keep flaking on because I feel like I don’t have time for me! YIKES! I can’t believe I just said that… but there’s something magical about getting your hair shampoo’d by a professional stylist. Am I right?

If you need accountability or some help along the way, I got you covered… check out our community!

Now. I am curious… what are some ways you are going to treat yourself, love? Don’t be shy, shoot them this way or heck, message me on social media either IG or FB! Would absolutely LOVE to shout you out + support you on your way!

“You got to nourish to flourish, love!”

Alright, loves.

That’s all I have for you this week. If you want to follow our crazy adventures more, I go a wee bit deeper in our Brain + Gut Health Explorers community. Otherwise, stay in the loop with snippets here where I’ll share next week some of our favorite recipes and workouts that I’m following to keep mama sane and the MFP (mama-fanny-pack) at bay!

love + gumption.

Brain + Gut Health Explorer



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