Seriously, though.  Who the heck am I... and most importantly, why on Earth would you want to be here, too.  I bet those are two questions you are asking yourself.

So. How about we start with the first question. Who the heck am I? 

Name is Amber.

Well, Dr. Amber Langley Gil, if we want to get highly specific. 

I'm a former emergency/critical care veterinarian who currently homeschools our twins, the Gillies, while working with women entrepreneurs to live out their dream lives on their own terms.  

There's a few other titles I hold:  author, ultra-marathoner, head coach for Business By Design community, blogger, wifey and sourdough toast connoisseur. 

But why do I have this blog/site?  What's the driving force? 

Well, it all starts with envelopes.


My dream involves, you guessed it, envelopes.   This dream is also the reason WHY I keep an envelope framed on my desk so I can keep the dream FRESH in my mind... along with it's meaning.

The dream starts with me passing away, MORBID, I know. 

Keep reading.

When I leave my earthly body, I walk into this room which is completely WHITE and has a solitary white chair in the middle of the room.

I am motioned by this being, God, to sit down in the chair and as soon as I do the walls show up all around me... and I can see HUNDREDS if not thousands of white envelopes.

God motions for me to open the envelopes and in each one of the envelope is an index card with words written.  Some with simple tasks on them while others with HUGE dreams laid out.

Some have to do with me, my family, my friends.  Other index cards include dreams and outcomes for other people I have no idea who they are.


As I'm sitting down on the floor surrounded by these envelopes, God speaks for the first time...

"These are all the blessings I gave you and you were able to achieve HAD you only BELIEVED."

And then I wake up. Each time in a cold sweat. 


People talk about their fears all the time.  Fear of other folks judging them.  Fear of failure.  Fear of not being enough.  Fear of ... x, y, z.

And my fear may seem silly to say, but I fear envelopes. 

Here's the kicker though:  I do not let this fear stop me... instead I use it as FUEL.

This fear of not tapping into each and every blessing God has for me is why each day I SHOW UP determined to USE the talents God placed in my heart.

As my goal is when the time comes and walk into this white room, there will be NO envelopes on those walls.


God placed talents within YOU to serve others, how I am not sure, only YOU know... my only message for you is try NOT to allow fear of failure or even success HINDER you from using those talents.


And that's the reason for Me being here today with YOU! 

To inspire, motivate, pull you up by those bootstraps, give a dose of tough love ♥️ or simply share what is working for me. 

We all have talents placed within us.  We all have abundant blessings with our names on them.  We just need to believe (more than fear) that we can make our dreams come true... and take action.

Our goal should be to USE up ALL the blessings and talents we were given.  Because how beautiful would it be if we all could + did.

Now, that was a wee bit lengthy so jot own below your name/email and I'll send you some of my secret performance hacks to getting towards my goals!  Sorta like a "Thank You for being here!" gift! 

And if you have a beat, I'd love to hear from you... reach out  + say, "Hi!". 


Grab your gift here!


The Community

If you are searching for a community of like-minded women who discuss all things of mama-hood, ways to increase your energy + improve your mental clarity with a dose of business strategy sprinkled in the mix.  Then The Community is where you need to be.  This community is for the mama-boss babe who is balancing ALL the things + has a great sense of humor!


Become a Biohacker Babe

You know the motto: Just 1% Better. Well, this is our focus in the Biohacker Babe Academy. Here you will receive ten masterclasses set in a private community. These masterclasses are geared to focus on one topic and/or biohack at a time to help you reduce brain fog and gain clean energy so you can use your time efficiently and have time as well energy to live the life of YOUR dreams! In the BBA, you'll receive endless support and accountability from other women geared towards creating more impact in their lives and community without the overwhelm, brain fog or mental drain.



As a mom entrepreneur, I am well aware how the struggle of launching your offer/product while balancing ALL of life's responsibilities can feel overwhelming.  Add on the feelings of being uncomfortable and not knowing WHAT do do first... and you get stuck like a deer in headlights, not launching OR not launching to the best of your ability!  HERE'S THE THING:  Launching can be FUN + STRESS FREE!  Our LOYT method helps identify your ideal launch style and break your strategy into bite-size actionable steps so you can launch your offer without the overwhelm + by staying in your zone of genius! 


YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ALL THE THINGS... Just focus on 1% Better!


I remember the day the hubster and I were walking down our long driveway back in Texas... we were bringing the trash cans to the road when I began verbally vomiting on him. He listened as I poured out all my frustrations with having to do ALL the things but SUCKING at majority of them.

It felt like I was a failure in so many ways. And I’m not sure if you felt this way NOW or have before... but maybe you need to hear what he told me next.

“You don’t have to do ALL the things... and definitely not ALL the things perfectly. You just have to focus on doing just 1% better. If you do this, over time it will compound and you will be kicking some major sass.”

And that's what I am telling YOU today, love. You don’t have to do ALL the things ... just focus on doing 1% better than you did yesterday. In WHATEVER way that looks to you.
Maybe it’s you drink water instead of a cola today. Maybe it’s spending more time doing math with your little one than you did the day before. Maybe it’s washing your hair with ACTUAL shampoo and not finishing the bottle of dry shampoo. #nojudgement. Maybe it’s working out as a family instead of saying, “continue watching” when Netflix asks that annoying question... YES we are still here!!!

Whatever it looks like to you, love. Just focus on 1% better.

That one comment inspired my book, NO BRAINER... which is full of no-brainer hacks you can start implementing NOW to live just 1% better each day. These hacks include: beauty tips, nutritional tidbits, mindset, business, and so much more. If you need a place to start, check out the book and reach out to me on Instagram (@dr.amberlangleygill) to fill me in on how YOU are living just 1% better TODAY! 


"Hustling isn't the Secret Sauce... Just 1% Better Each Day Is!

Jen Conger

Intuitive Biz Coach

"The biggest reward in this journey of working with Amber has been healing my relationship with time even more.  I now know how to create more time and spaciousness in my business and life as a busy mom." 

Kimi Morton

Creator of Work Light 

"Working with Amber has taken me to the NEXT LEVEL in my health, my mindset, my productivity, and most importantly in my VISION for what is possible."

Katie Huey

Business Coach 

"Through just ONE simple biohack with Amber, I have tapped into a new source of energy and motivation.  I am speechless!  I trust Amber to help me bio-hack my way to optimal health, and I feel so empowered in my life!"

Elizabeth Ralph

The Spiritual Investor 

"Amber shows us that what slows us down in life isn’t lack of motivation, it’s that we have existing habits that aren’t allowing our optimum flow to come through in our daily lives."