seriously.  who the heck am I... and most importantly, how in the world did I get here sharing brain + gut health hacks?  I bet those are two questions you are asking yourself... because about a year or two ago, those were my questions.  

so. let’s start with the first question. who the heck am I? 

name is Amber.  

about four years ago, you would have spotted me in scrubs working as an emergency/critical care veterinarian... but after the birth of our twins, nicknamed the Gillies, most days I’m running around like a double-jointed frog trying to balance homeschooling, providing therapy to our little man and trying not to burn our gluten/dairy free meals.

now. this segues nicely into the second question. how in the world did I get here sharing brain + gut health hacks?

well. our Gillies were born prematurely at 27 weeks... which sort of pumped the brakes for the hubster + I career-wise. we re-evaluated our priorities + started focusing on living the healthiest life possible for them.

insert: brain + gut health.

at night, instead of reading veterinary medical journals... you can catch me snuggled up on the couch reading a nutritional book while our mastiff is drooling on my feet. and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love serving the world by sharing nutritional tips... natural beauty hacks... and ways to tweak their daily habits so they can live their most vibrant life -- all with focusing on optimal brain + gut health. it’s what we, as a family, have been focusing on for the past four years... and now, this mama bear finally busted out of her cozy comfort zone to serve you, love!

as a “brain + gut health explorer”, I’ve been featured on the She’s Building Her Empire podcast and ever served as a Brand Ambassador.

when I’m not busy researching for blog posts or creating personalized menus, you can catch me:

trying to embrace the “crunchy” green mama within by tending to my herb garden or figuring out what went wrong in our compost bin.

I also have a weird obsession to running extremely long distances... my first ultra marathon was back in 2008 when a good friend and I ran across the Sahara desert to celebrate the start of our veterinary careers. seriously. who does that?!?

if you are dying to hear more... here’s five things you might not know about me.

 •  married my college sweetheart... he was a college football player and I, the ever so popular, piccolo player ;) 

 •  you are looking at the former Podcast Growth Manager for James Wedmore + one of his Business By Design Head Coaches

 •  my ballet teacher informed me when I was 10 years old that I had the energy level of an ape. { still unsure what that meant }

 •  bake cakes for every family holiday... which are not gluten or dairy free AND these cakes are loaded with sugar. { gasp of horror } but I only bake 5 types of cakes: hummingbird, carrot cake, devil’s chocolate, lemon pound, + gingerbread. we call them, “Amber’s Messy Cakes”... 

here’s a wee bit of something for you { a gift for reading this far }... and if you have a beat, I'd love to hear from you. let’s chat!



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"We all think of her as our friend, our motivator, our lifesaver! Thank you for helping me be a better version of myself."


"Without Amber and everyone in our support group, I likely would not have had the motivation to continue on this health/fitness journey."


"Seriously fantastic!!! Amber has inspired me to find my SELF. Eat real food. Move more."


"Amber is my coach and watching how she's reaching out and helping others all around the US is crazy inspiring. In our group of women she coaches are ALL TYPES...sizes, ages, backgrounds"



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