The Truth About Motherhood + Entrepreneurship Co-Existing

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Whose ready to read the truth about motherhood + entrepreneurship co-existing?  Because I am not going to be sugarcoating this for you, sweets.  Not all. 



You might need a wee bit of context before diving into this quick 2-minute read.  Name is Amber; however, most of my friends call me, Langley which is my maiden name.  I'm a former emergency/critical care veterinarian turned entrepreneur who works from home while homeschooling our twins, nicknamed the Gillies.  

There are several ways I serve and "work" from home... besides my own community + weekly blogs, my time is spent within James Wedmore's Business By Design community as a head coach.  Plus, I serve women entrepreneurs in several capacities such as through 1:1 Intensive Days or group coaching with the focus being on launching their offer/service with ease + without hustling.

Now.  You can see how these areas WHILE homeschooling our twins can take up a lot of hours in my day... but we aren't done just yet as another item which takes a bit of my time is training for endurance events such as ultra trail runs (ie. running 100 miles, climbing Everest).  

Why do I share all this with you?  Well, it's not to toot my horn... but to give you context to who I am and HOW I can understand how precious YOUR time is while balancing motherhood + growing your own business.  I get it.  Truly. 



And here's the truth.  The nitty-gritty down and dirty truth of it all... motherhood + entrepreneurship CAN exist and do so quite beautifully.  

However, it is not going to look like ANY ONE ELSE'S journey of either motherhood or entrepreneurship.  Nor should it. 

Another truth is your friends, coaches or acquaintances and even strangers on the street who learn about you wanting to build/grow your business as a mom... they will NOT understand your struggles.

I remember once quite awhile back STRUGGLING as a mom entrepreneur.  Here's the scene: the smoke detector was blaring as I was attempting to listen to a coaching call WHILE  making dinner for our family as the hubster walked into the door. 

This particular call was a coaching call I had paid for in a program to help me BUILD my online business... and if you are like me, there's a BETTER chance of me watching the coaching call LIVE than ever catching the replay, so I was trying to make it work.

The hubster looked at me in all my hot mess glory... and I moaned, "WHO plans a call DURING dinner time?!?"  His response WHILE waving his arms and a dishtowel over the smoke detector like a spazzing chicken was this, "BE THE COACH YOU NEED YOU TO BE."



That's when it hit me.  It's not my coach's fault dinner was burning or I was getting HALF of the information delivered on the call... the issue was we had different priorities, different storylines... we were in different seasons of our lives.   That's no one's fault.  But this coach didn't fully understand my struggles. 

And honey bear, that's okay.  No one is FULLY going to understand the obstacles in your path.  We all have different ones; however, you can find someone who relates a wee bit more to you than others. 

Which is where my journey on helping women, particularly mom entrepreneurs LAUNCH their offers + services in order to create the impact they desire in their business.  

Because I get it.  I was there.  And I see you. 

I see you doing all the things.  I see you making dinner while trying to listen to a webinar.  I see you waking up early to drink your coffee + have some sort of morning routine before the house wakes.  

I see you hustling while the house is empty for an hour or two.  I see you staying late to get that email written, so you can serve your audience.  

I see you doing all the things.  And I want you to know, I got you. I've been you.



And the one thing I learned is... it's not about hustling.  It's not about skimping out on sleep to blast another email.  It's not about longer hours or outsourcing every tiny detail.  

The secret is being consistent in goal-oriented action. 



Notice how vague this is... it's not about creating content every single day.  It's not about having so many followers and showing up every hour on social.  It's about consistent action... towards your goal... every day, just one percent. 

But because I've been you and I know you will want MORE to dive into than just "take consistent action", here's some things created just for you, mama.   




Now because YOU get this... and I see you doing all the things. And I want you to know, I got you.

As a homeschooling mom who runs her own business while coaching for an amazing digital CEO community, I see you... I've been you.

And the one thing I learned which we talked about earlier is it's not about hustling. It's not about skimping out on sleep to blast another email. It's not about longer hours or outsourcing every time detail.

If you take only ONE THING AWAY, remember the SECRET:  consistent action. Daily non-sexy, mostly unnoticed tasks taken every single day.

It's like when someone asked Tom Brady what's the key to youthful looking skin... he mentioned, "drinking water." It wasn't some top of the line skin care product from France. It was the non-sexy, unnoticeable habit of drinking water consistently every day.

And the same is for your business - yes, drink water. but it's about taking consistent action + knowing WHAT steps will get you THERE.

That's where I got you. I've been working 1:1 with clients for the past two years... women entrepreneurs who are balancing mama-hood while being a CEO in their business... and now, it's time to serve MORE with our Masterclass:  BUILD YOUR BIZ PLAN!



During this masterclass (which will be recorded), you'll see how to visualize your goal -- break it down into bite size actionable steps -- prioritize what needs to happen FIRST (or at all) -- and strategize!  

This is a must-attend for you if you feel yourself struggling to balance all the things while not moving forward in your business... 

If you have an offer you KNOW could help others, yet you feel a bit overwhelmed in all the steps... 

OR you just long for a magic genie to jot down what to do so you aren't distracted by what others are doing! 

All you need to do is click >> HERE <<  and the internet fairies will magically save your spot + keep you informed on all the details!  

 Hopefully, I will see you there... if not, no worries.  Still sending you all the positive vibes + good cheer to make your dreams happen.  You got this.  I know you got this  🙌 


Grit + Gumption.








There's only two currencies in life:  time and energy. We may not be able to generate more time, but you certainly can generate more energy.  Let me show you how!


The quote, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one", is one of my favorites as it celebrates the ability to be passionate about more than one thing.  A few of my passions shared on this website include: business strategy, biohacks, books and badsass endurance events. 

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