100 Day Health Hack Journey: FULL LIST


Here's an ongoing list of our 100 Health Hacks... we will be adding Health Hacks each week until we cap out at 100!  If you have any health hacks or tidbits, you use or find inspiring - please share below or shoot them this way!  I'll all about learning + growing as well as sharing with my tribe.  

If you would like to hear the FULL story of how the idea began... check it out here


Initially, I was sharing each DAY'S HEALTHY HACK + MY THOUGHTS, plus where I got the idea + research behind it.  But... that was a wee bit intense for a few folks ( + if I'm being honest, myself).  Mainly because... I'm human + a twin mama bear plus launching our IT TAKES BRAIN + GUTS (membership site).   It felt like the hacks were just getting thrown together + the quality was below par.  I'm just keeping it real, love.  

So.  To make it better... less intimidating for all involved.  We are switching things up a bit, because isn't that how you get the better - evolving? No... well.  Keep reading.  I'll share our list plus I'll dive deeper as we go along + place the link with the HACK the blog entry relates with... how does that sound?  So much better, right?  I agree.  

Okay... Now we are all on the same page.  Here's the ongoing list... which will cap out at 100!   If you want to catch 'em daily, you can always follow my social stories on Instagram plus I go LIVE - in all my hotmess self glory :)  You are welcome!

If you would like to dive a wee bit deeper in each one, simply CLICK on the HEALTH HACK + read on, love.   

REMEMBER:  The goal isn't to do EACH ONE... that's, um, a wee bit unrealistic.  Just pick one YOU think would be beneficial to you... try it out for a week or two, evaluate how you feel.  If it's helpful, make it a habit... if you didn't appreciate any benefits (gasp of horror), then toss it aside + choose another.  The goal is to LIVE YOUR MOST VIBRANT LIFE... not mine, not hers, nor postman's... YOURS!!!   

Now... PICK ONE + let me know which one you are doing and if ANY helped!  

(you can also share with a friend you love!  that would be freaking awesome, too!)

DAYS 001 - 020

HEALTH HACK 1:  Start your day with 8oz of Water

HEALTH HACK 2:  Put on your armor each morning  

HEALTH HACK 3:  Consider switching to a more natural deodorant

HEALTH HACK 4:  Make your bed each morning

HEALTH HACK 5:  Eat a cup of greens each day

HEALTH HACK 6:  A little more gratta + a lot less atta!  (Gratitude Journal)

HEALTH HACK 7:  Schedule your week

HEALTH HACK 8:  Feed your beautiful mind with some personal development

HEALTH HACK 9:  Snack on some berries

HEALTH HACK 10:  Ditch the sugar, sweetie

HEALTH HACK 11:  Skip breakfast, it may help you

HEALTH HACK 12:  Get some zzz's

HEALTH HACK 13:  Add some movement to your day

HEALTH HACK 14:  Consider a sleep mask for your zzz's

HEALTH HACK 15:  Meditation in the morning

HEALTH HACK 16:  Switch to dark chocolate

HEALTH HACK 17:  Build an ER food stash

HEALTH HACK 18:  Turn off the television before bed

HEALTH HACK 19:  Foam rolling... I hate it, but love it!

HEALTH HACK 20:  Write a love note

So.  I'll have to be completely real... there are a few of these which I struggle with doing + it's not so much the dark chocolate one!  

The meditation in the morning is freaking hard for me!  The idea of sitting in silence and listening to my breath while tons of ideas run across my wee little brain is so challenging.  YET there are so many benefits + I receive so much clarity when I take a beat to just DO IT!  

Seriously.  Nike was on something with that saying... JUST DO IT! 

DAYS 021 - 040

HEALTH HACK 21:  Try a wee bit of Avocado!

HEALTH HACK 22:  Ditch the Soda, love.

HEALTH HACK 23:  Handwrite a Note

HEALTH HACK 24:  Be Sweet to Your Skin!

HEALTH HACK 25:  Control Your Nightstand

HEALTH HACK 26:  Stop Flaking on You!!!

HEALTH HACK 27:  Consider Oil Pulling

HEALTH HACK 28:  Speak Kindly to YOU, love.

HEALTH HACK 29:  Move Your Tooshie!

HEALTH HACK 30:  Enjoy Healthy Fats

HEALTH HACK 31:  Post-Workout Meal Matters!

HEALTH HACK 32:  Know When to Wash Your Produce

HEALTH HACK 33:  Give Yourself a BREAK!!! 

HEALTH HACK 34:  Protect Your Skin

HEALTH HACK 35:  Make ONE Meal a Day Yourself!

HEALTH HACK 36:  Find a Workout You LOVE

HEALTH HACK 37:  Create a Morning Routine!

HEALTH HACK 38:  Eat Real Food!

HEALTH HACK 39:  Protect Your Feet!

HEALTH HACK 40:  Break Your Fast, well, Well!

Oh. Snazzy Snapdragons!  

I completely forgot to invite you along our journey OR even offer some goodness to you... how rude, right?  Okay.  Here's the thing, there's a few places YOU can go but it depends on you, love... 

  1. BRAIN + GUT HEALTH COMMUNITY: It's a complimentary virtual space on the "book of face" where ladies (sorry, dudes) join together and we share daily health hacks, brain + gut health tips and just amazing connections!

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Which ever you choose, just know I am happy to connect with you... get to know you... learn from each other and help one another live our most optimal + vibrant selves!!!

DAYS 041-60

HEALTH HACK 41:  Break Your Fast Well

HEALTH HACK 42:  Schedule Workouts Like a Boss!

HEALTH HACK 43:  Protect Your Inner Circle

HEALTH HACK 44: Get in Nature, Love.

HEALTH HACK 45:  Feed Your Mind Right

HEALTH HACK 46:  Save Your Scraps!!!

HEALTH HACK 47:  Sneak Veggies into Your Smoothie

HEALTH HACK 48:  Wash Your Face, Love!

HEALTH HACK 49:  Abundance Mindset

HEALTH HACK 50:  Spruce Up Your Workout Attire.

HEALTH HACK 51:  Add Green to Your Bedroom

HEALTH HACK 52:  Reach for Some Nuts!

HEALTH HACK 53: Wind Down at Night

HEALTH HACK 54:  Mix Up Your Workouts!

HEALTH HACK 55:  Herb Up Your Plate

HEALTH HACK 56:  Reduce Some Clutter

HEALTH HACK 57:  Cool Down, Love!!!

HEALTH HACK 58:  Positive Pep Talks

HEALTH HACK 59:  Own Some Workout Socks.

HEALTH HACK 60:  Slow Your Chew

“Keep asking yourself this question, love... ‘How can I be better?’”

DAYS 061-80

HEALTH HACK 61: Set Out Your Clothes

HEALTH HACK 62: Become a Nap Ninja

HEALTH HACK 63: Join a Class

HEALTH HACK 64: Take a Beet!

HEALTH HACK 65:  Reduce the Pesticides.

HEALTH HACK 66:  Add some Color!

HEALTH HACK 67:  Snag some Fermented Foods

HEALTH HACK 68:  Hydrate Your Skin!!!

HEALTH HACK 69:  Pair up with a Fitness Partner!

HEALTH HACK 70: Snuggle up to a Fur-kid

HEALTH HACK 71:  Use Your Commute.

HEALTH HACK 72:  Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

HEALTH HACK 73: Use a STRAW… just not a plastic one!

HEALTH HACK 74:  Celebrate the Small Wins

HEALTH HACK 75:  Add in some Active Recovery Days

HEALTH HACK 76:  Start Off with a Clean Slate!!!

HEALTH HACK 77:  Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!

HEALTH HACK 78:  Face Your Wall

HEALTH HACK 79:  Spice it Up, Love!

HEALTH HACK 80:  Toss Out Perfection.

psssttt… did you know you could catch all my health hacks + more in my IG stories? no! just click HERE!

okay. carry on with the health hacks… we are wrapping up the last 20!!!

DAYS 081-100

HEALTH HACK 81: Don’t Diet… UGH!!!

HEALTH HACK 82: Focus on the Goods!

HEALTH HACK 83: Listen to Some Tunes!

HEALTH HACK 84: Workout Even on Vacation

HEALTH HACK 85:  Manage Your Focus!!!

HEALTH HACK 86:  Be Present at Meals

HEALTH HACK 87:  Check Yourself Before You Shop!

HEALTH HACK 88:  Be Present Now!

HEALTH HACK 89:  Take Care of You!

HEALTH HACK 90: Lean In, Love.

HEALTH HACK 91: Be a Label Master 

HEALTH HACK 92:  Take a Beat to Laugh!

HEALTH HACK 93: Check Your Carbs

HEALTH HACK 94:  Listen to Your Gut

HEALTH HACK 95:  Be YOU… Always.

HEALTH HACK 96:  Take a Beat to Give THANKS!

HEALTH HACK 97:  Dabble with Essential Oils

HEALTH HACK 98:  Be Gentle with the Process

HEALTH HACK 99:  Celebrate Others




Whew! Can you believe we wrapped all 100 UP!!!! Geesh Louise that’s a lot.


If you have any tidbits or health hacks YOU love, then share below or shoot me an email -- I'd love to learn more.  Because the more you know... the more you grow!  Until then...

love + gumption.


The Brain + Gut Health Explorer

Oh, snap! I almost forgot, love. A few folks reached out to me to see if I was going to put together a wee little book regarding these health hacks… and I figured, WHY NOT!?! Right?

If you’d like to keep in the know with our upcoming projects regarding these health hacks… then simply drop me your name + I’ll make sure to send updates your way.

Whew! I’m glad I didn’t forget to tell ya!!!





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