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2 Ingredient: Dry Shampoo

let's be honest.  
sometimes. this mama-bear doesn't have time for a full shower... it's hard... balancing fitness goals, the twins, working at home, laundry, dishes, etc.  
and if I waited for the days, I could get a full shower in... to WORK OUT or go out in public.  No one would see me... I'd be eating cheetos in my sweats watching QVC on the couch.  

well, no. that is bad... but no one should see me like this.  no one.  
a friend mentioned how she uses dry shampoo... and well, I wasn't a fan.  I mean.  I was blessed with uber baby fine hair that gets super oily as soon as the wind blows.  seriously.  2 minutes outside.... hair slicker than whale snot.  it's ridiculous.  
so, WHY would I try to put ANYTHING in it...
duh.  because dry shampoo is suppose to wick away the oily-factor.   thus began my search for dry shampoo... I was looking for one that used natural...

Almond-Crusted Chicken Nuggets

as new parents... we got into a HORRIBLE habit of grabbing chicken tenders and letting the Gillies (now toddler twins) munch on the tenders while we shop.

this was to allow us to get our groceries and the necessities while having happy wee ones being toted around. #parentingsurvivalmode

well. the other day, I knew we were in trouble... when we pulled up to the grocery store and cheers for "CHICKEN" were exclaimed from the back seat!   YIKES!!!

nothing like toddlers to keep you HONEST and speak the truth!!!  

so. we decided to make NEW traditions (and healthier habits)... we got chicken tenders to make AT HOME and they helped  SCORE!!!

these chicken nuggets MAY look a wee bit different but they are loaded with goodness... free-roaming, antibiotic free, hormone free (all that jazz) chicken tenders which are coated with freshly toasted and crushed almonds.

these homemade chicken nuggets were a HIT... plus, it's another recipe that this mama doesn't feel bad about...

Sweet Tater Noodles

seriously.  hands-down the best "pasta" we have ever had... and this is stating a lot since I'm a girl that doesn't care for pasta.... WHAT!?!  I know.  horror.  
anywho.  here's the deal. 
yesterday. the Gillies, our twin toddlers, were being a wee bit picky about their meals... it happens right.  and the hubster casually mentioned, well, they always eat their pasta!  then of course, they heard pasta... so we get little chants of "sghetti"... "sghetti"... "mama, sghetti"... "mama, where's the sghetti?!?".  adorable. 
but.  we didn't have any pasta (gluten free is what we typically give them) nor did we have zucchini (hubster and I tend to reach for zoodles instead of pasta).  so, I began searching the pantry and found two sweet taters.  hmmm... I believe I spotted an instagram photo of a girl eating sweet tater noodles.  hubster had doubts.  rightfully so, I tend to forget things... 

Fat Bombs

you ever just get a hankering for something sweet... but don't want to BLOW your health goals?  um.  yes.  duh.  you are human.  

well.  the other day, while I was whipping up dinner...  the Gillies were being a wee bit rambunctious so I asked the hubster to distract them by making dessert.  something simple.  now... the hubster is a GENIUS when it comes to making cookies... seriously.  he makes three types of cookies that will make me gain 20 pounds in 1 month.  

no lie.  it happened. 

he makes a chocolate-chip cookie... a cranberry-walnut cookie.... and the "crack" cookie (which is his version of oatmeal chocolate chip).  now.  this recipe ISN"T for any of those because... well, they are LOADED with butter, sugar and real flour... so gluten and dairy.  we bake them for friends during the holiday season or as a "thank you" but WE try... we try are darnedest not to eat them.  

so.  when I...

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes - toddler approved!

let's get it out on the table, shall we... I don't like pancakes.  

((( GASP )))  

seriously.  I'm not a huge fan of pancakes... waffles... french toast... pizza, to come to think of it.  but, that's a different story altogether.  
however, the hubster is a HUGE... HUGE... HUGE fan of pancakes.  every time, we would travel and hit up an old diner... pancakes would be his order.  while my order was typically grits with bacon and sunny side up eggs. 
anywho.  with this love of pancakes, he was given the prestigious title, "PANCAKE MAKER" in  our house.  this meant, he never got to make pancakes ;)  UNTIL the Gillies were born.  
(in case you didn't know... Gillies are what we call our twins) 
so.  when they were born and began eating solids... the hubster wanted to make pancakes a weekend tradition... YAY!!!!  

(that was dripped with sarcasm).  

WHAT!?!  pancakes... ugh....

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