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All-Natural Homemade Blush Recipe

Now. Here's a sweet DIY all-natural blush recipe... it made sense to try it, since beets always leave a nice subtle hue to my skin when handling + beet root powder is used in the culinary world to "pink" dishes up!  So.  Here you go, love!




  • 1 tbsp of arrowroot 
  • 1 tsp of beet root powder
  • cinnamon (optional)


  1. Start with a base of arrowroot powder then gradually add in the beet root powder until you get the desired color.
  2. If you need a wee bit of glow... try adding in a dash of cinnamon.

NOTE:  Just a note, beet root powder can be bit bright... but, you can always add more arrowroot powder to lighten it back up.

If you want to dive deeper into the benefits of beets + beet root juice for your health, hair and skin... then check out, Style Craze's website where you can find additional tid bits.  

“Since the 16th century, beet juice has been used as a natural red dye. In...

All-Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Honestly.  When writing this blog, I struggled with how I actually use ALMONDS for a beauty hack.   Seriously, though...  "almonds in my beauty regimen, how in the heck?"  

Buttttttttttt... then I realized, I do use almonds in my beauty regimen.  Well, it's almond oil.  That counts, right?  Almond oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the sweet almond tree (thank you, Essential Oils book!).   Almond oil is suitable for most skin types... it's gentle enough for sensitive skin! 

Goodness of Almond Oil: 

  • Natural moisturizer - helps soothe dry, irritated skin
  • Gentle oils - even heard it can be used to treat diaper rash 
  • Excellent make-up remover 
  • Treats chapped lips

Need a few more bits about the goodness of Almond Oil, check it out here

Now. Here's a sweet DIY eye-makeup remover recipe I found... about a year or two ago.  BUT, it was also spotted on JH's website, so I thought... "why not give her some...

Simple Homemade Cracked Heel Salve

Now.  I don't like to waste bananas... for some reason, it's different than a wee bit of honey or a lemon or even an egg.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it's because a WHOLE banana is a snack for the Gillies, our 4yr old twins.  

Anywho.  Here's a recipe I found to help smooth those cracked heels... you can score more DIY beauty recipes using bananas here!


  1. Mash up two ripe bananas then put the mashed bananas on your heels!  Make sure your feet are dry and clean first, though! 
  2. Wrap your feet in socks so not to cause a mess. 
  3. After 10 minutes, rinse your feet thoroughly... and add your favorite foot lotion to your feet!

Now.  Seriously... how easy was that, love?  I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite recipe is with using banana!  Jot it down below + share. 

love + gumption.


Brain + Gut Health Explorer

Just BEET it: here's a few tid bits on why I started adding beets to our grocery list...

Fun factoid: About 5-15% of U.S. adults are estimated to experience beeturia following consumption of beets in everyday amounts (source).  Beeturia = the pink discoloration of one's urine due to consumption of beets.  

Maybe it's TMI but I am part of that 5-15%... and I did have a mild panic attack one day when I noticed our littles (4yr old twins) had slightly red poop!  Being a veterinarian... my mind went through a WHOLE list of differentials (or causes) of the red poop.  Seriously.  This mama bear went into PANIC MODE... until my calm and more reasonable husband pointed out, over the past few days we ate a lot of beets.  


Besides the discoloration one can get on their hands (+ countertops) when handling beets... and in their voids (pending if you are a child, in the 5-15% of folks who naturally have this occur or have an underlying medical condition)... there are some amazing benefits to beets.  So. Let's dive a wee bit...

Um. So, Almonds aren't really nuts! Who knew?

Fun factoid:  Almonds aren't actually nuts... they are called drupes (like a coconut) which are a type of fruit that has an "outer fleshy part that surrounds a pit (or stone), with a seed inside this pit."   If you are a visual person, like myself, check out these photos.  

 Seriously, though.  All this time, calling almonds nuts... and the love affair I have for almonds are quite strong.  We are talking WAY past first names... I call them "Al".   


me:  hon.  can you grab me a couple of Al for the road, I may get hungry. 

hubs:  um... what the heck is Al?  are you trying to be cute? 

See.  Way past first names.  Anywho.

My love for almonds has grown tremendously over the years... since I have learned all the benefits these little powerhouses hold.  I use a wee bit of almond milk as a creamer for my morning cup of Joe... dab a spoonful in my daily superfoodie smoothie for a...

How I Keep a Positive Mindset... well, try, at least!

alright, loves. 

first let me start off by saying I am not all rainbows and sunshines... but I have been asked more than once in our virtual Brain + Gut Health community, "How do you stay so positive?!?".  


after being asked for the second or third time, I thought... maybe I should jot these down to remind myself to DO THEM but also to inspire YOU {if you need}!  because sometimes... life happens and you find it hard to keep riding the positivity train.  trust me, I get it.  but... if one of these tidbits HELPS you find your joy each day, then why not share it, right? 


here goes: 

1. Background: my sisters... I know... that's a wee bit unfair, because you didn't have them as sisters growing up.  but let me explain.  without getting too much into THEIR story, I'll share with you this.  my sisters were diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy at a young age......

Sugar: few health hacks to kick the sweet tooth... buh-bye!

With the holidays wrapping up, I finally had time to sit... rest... and FEEL the effects of all the holiday goodies had on my body.  Seriously.  I was a wee bit cranky... and the mama-fanny pack, aka. MFP, was protruding more than I care to admit.  But, hey.  I couldn't resist some of those homemade desserts that only come out during Christmas celebrations... right?  You feel me?


I figured it was the PERFECT time to do a quick "5 Day Sugar Detox"... and thankfully, some beautiful ladies in our Brain + Gut Health Community were ready to link arms with me and kick the sweet cravings together!    



But... you may be wondering, "why on EARTH would I need to do a sugar detox?" Hmm... Well. Check it. 

A few benefits one may see when reducing their sugar consumption, include a reduction in: 

  • Acid Reflux        
  • Migraines    
  • Fatigue     
  • Joint Pain
  • ...

Amber's 2018 Reading List

so.  here's the thing.  recently the hubster + I were talking about our 2018 goals... maybe I should interject here and state this:  my hubster has this amazing ability to spit out truth bombs when you least expect it.  or want it.  

now... back to the story.  we were talking about our 2018 goals... when insert his truth bomb:  

hubs:  love.  if you want to serve others, you need to stay up on your material.  consider reading a new book every few weeks to staying in the 'know'.  

{ boom }  

right?  and he is so true.  however, being a working relief veterinarian with twin 4yr olds who we currently homeschool (see the keyword: currently) and provide daily physical therapy + run a coaching business from home... WHEN am I suppose to find time to read?  hmm... 

and then it hit me... if it's important to me.  I will find the time... and by finding time meant giving up on my Netflix series binge watching....



fun factoid about rosemary... Shakespeare wrote something about it in Hamlet a few hundred years back.  something like, Rosemary it helps with remembrance.   (obviously, completely paraphrasing that little nugget for you).  but how cool, right?   

anywho.  we planted this little bugger in our herb garden two years ago... and has been thriving.  one of the most fascinating things about rosemary (to me, anyways) is where it thrives.  

rosemary is a plant which grows in damp climates which tend to have cooler temps... um, we live in the hot state of Texas.  so how this little guy is thriving in our garden is astounding.  but, here's the fascinating part. 

this plant aids in healing illnesses which are associated with cool and damp environments.   

*** and as my dear sweet aunt reminded me, this herb's history originates from the Mediterranean region... which is not cool or damp.  so.  I'll just...



Bananas are a weird fruit to me... you can mash it up to make pancakes.  freeze it to make smoothies.  blend with a few ingredients and get non-dairy version of "ice cream".  carry it in a tote for a quick snack (without it getting mushy or ruined).  It's so versatile.  

And, of course, the hubster HATES the texture of bananas.  

{ face palm } 

Good news for me, though.  Our 4-yr old twins LOVE bananas and will actually eat a banana while mama is making a meal... for instance, last night, I was whipping up dinner.   The little miss comes into the kitchen asking, "mama, can I have a nana?"  Before I could answer, the hubster says "Honey, mama is working hard on dinner.  Let's wait to eat then, Okay?"  (sweet, right? but not the response I was hoping for from him.)

Dumbfounded.  I stare at this man who is looking at me like he solved the world's greatest problem.  

"What?" he asked.  "Well, you...

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