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Green Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie recipe is one of my favorites and one I have almost every single day. We do change it up a wee bit here and there because, to be honest…. I typically share my smoothie with the Gillies, our 5yr old twins and some days they ask for chocolate or berries instead. And I’m not going to rock that boat because with smoothies, it’s a way I can sneak in some extra greens and superfoods! You feel me?

Anywho. This smoothie recipe, like I said I make almost every single day… no matter if I’m traveling- I’ll even check my luggage to make sure my nutri-bullet makes the trip! So, I decided to write out the recipe since my ladies in our NO BRAINERS community asks me what it is quite often— and maybe YOU would want to know, too!

Now, I snagged this recipe from the book, Body Love… which is AMAZING and you can catch my FULL review here! There’s tons of delicious recipes + many more smoothie recipes I snag for when, like I said,...

BOOK REVIEW: Body Love by Kelly LeVeque

The other day a friend commented on a post of mine on social media asking if I had heard of the “FAB4Smoothies” because some of my recipes were quite similar.

Now. Honestly, it wasn’t the FIRST time to hear about the “FAB4Smoothies”… I heard about them and their creator, Kelly LeVeque over a year ago on a Rachel Hollis podcast. Then again recently on another podcast, although, I can’t place it right now.


THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM… so I searched on Amazon for her book, BODY LOVE and snatched it up! This past week, I wrapped it up and placed the book on the shelf… but not before I tabbed a few pages, highlighted and tried a LOT of the recipes!



“To build a lifestyle and not a diet, you really have to go one habit at a time.” — Kelly LeVeque

Tidbits you might want to know… Kelly LeVeque is “celebrity favorite health and wellness consultant” which is...




Wow. Talk about being REAL with the title... when stress kicks me in my lady bits. And this wee bit of a blog post is all about being real with you but mostly with myself.


See. Like most people, when January rolled around, I realized I needed to start focusing on my health.  I noticed my gut was a bit unhappy with my life choices: not sleeping, not eating enough calories, not drinking enough water, getting anxious over things I have no control over, saying “YES” to things that weren’t my focus or getting TO my goal!

So. I designed a plan…. something doable. Focusing on what I could control which included:

  • saying “NO” to things that weren’t healthy for me or my goals (business, personal, family, relationships, faith goals)

  • drinking MORE water and hitting my water intake goal (ie. at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces: so my 140lb frame needed at least 70oz of water...

Focusing on Self-Care with HERBAL TEA BATHS


Have you noticed there is so much wisdom from those flight attendant’s safety videos? Make sure to know where the exits are BEFORE an emergency hits. Figure out how life-saving tools work BEFORE you need them. And place your oxygen mask on BEFORE helping others, otherwise, you’ll pass out before helping anyone.

It’s crazy how much wisdom is in those videos and I’ll be honest it wasn’t until a dear friend told me to “put my own mask on FIRST” otherwise, I wasn’t helping anyone that it dawned on me — the truth in the airplane safety videos.

Actually, the friend said something a wee bit more clever and insightful…

“You simply can not adequately take care of others, if you are not FIRST caring for yourself... fully.”
— Friend


As an emergency veterinarian, twin mama bear, wifey and wellness coach hosting a FREE community (Brain + Gut Health Explorers), I definitely...


First off, who needs a reason to eat chocolate… am I right? But here’s the thing. Yep. You knew there was a catch, didn’t you? You gorgeous thing, you! The catch is this. I’m not talking about chocolate that you find in your typical over-the-counter candy bars or snack items. Those typically have MILK chocolate which has a higher sugar content and less of cocoa. The chocolate I’m referring to is dark chocolate (85% cocoa or higher, if you can stand it).

See. Dark chocolate + cocoa are a source of flavonoids which are pretty freaking amazing… and in images of the brain via MRI, doctors have SEEN how cocoa intakes improves blood flow to the brain (particularly the hippocampus, aka. memory center).

I read this in the book, The Better Brain Solution by Steven Masley, M.D. who also stated that he recommended daily cocoa or dark chocolate for years as it “improves blood pressure levels as well as insulin sensitivity and it decreases the...

CHARCOAL: My Favorite Beauty Ingredient


This was the response my hubster gave me when I asked him how my skin looked after using my weekly activated charcoal mask! In his defense, he thought this was the appropriate response... he didn't realize the goal was to actually MINIMIZE one’s pores. Poor guy… good thing he is cute.


I'm a wee bit embarrassed to say, that I didn't really have a skin care routine until AFTER the Gillies, our twins were born. And we are coming up on their 6th Birthday!!!! SIXTH!!! That’s a different panic attack for another day. Back to the story, before the Gillies were born, my beauty routine was simply water and the body wash we were using at that time. YIKES!!!

It wasn't until the twins were born that my hormones went a wee bit whacko and I had to truly focus on a skin regime. #twinmomlife But this was such a blessing... because while on the hunt for products to reduce my apparently ginormous pores, I realized that a slew of the products on...

NOURISH BOWL RECIPE: focusing on my plate and not calories


I discovered the need to stop focusing so much on NUMBERS and really shift my attention to the TYPES of foods I was nourishing my body with. Maybe you are like this as well… you focus so intently on HOW MUCH calories you eat or get overwhelmed with macronutrients. How much fat? How many carbs does this have? Ugh. Do I need more protein?

It’s all too overwhelming and if I’m being honest, it’s a slippery slope for me… because once I start tracking numbers, it’s ALL i think about and my attitude towards food starts to become a tad bit aggressive instead of realizing food is a gift to my body — it gives you the ability to HEAL and NOURISH your body! How wonderful is that, am I right?

Anywho. One of the goals I set for myself on the 2019 WELLNESS JOURNEY is to shift my focus away from counting calories and macronutrients (eeek!)… and look at my plate — is it loaded down with leafy greens? clean protein source? healthy...

[HACKS] Sharing My Favorite Health Hacks From This Year

After our road trip to the Deep South to visit family, I realized the focus of 2019 needed to be on my overall wellness and being open with the tribe in regards to my own transformation.  

And what better time to share with my tribe in our Community (and YOU)  just 5 things I do each day for my overall health... these may be things YOU do already + maybe you have health hacks that YOU think are vital... share, love. The more you know, the more you can grow.


SIDE NOTE:  I wrote this blog on my iPad while the hubster drove us from PNW to the deep South… just 5700 miles round trip in 100 hours. BOOM BABY! We survived… and here’s proof, I was somewhat productive and not sleeping in the passenger seat.



This year, my focus is being the HERO of my journey... being the hero my daughter aspires to be (and hopefully be better than), the hero our little man needs me to be and the hero my hubster deserves me to be. By being...


Okay. If you follow me for even a wee bit, you know I love a good green smoothie... loaded with healthy fats + dark berries. Majority of the time, I am blessed that our 5yr old twins (aka. the Gillies) enjoy my love for a good green smoothie as well. I know. I know. I am blessed.

However. Every once in a while the Gillies get a wee bit sassy which they inherited primarily from their daddy-o… and they do not want to have a green smoothie.

{ gasp of horror }

Right? Anywho. If you need a break from dumping kale or spinach in a smoothie... let me share with you this tidbit I stumbled upon from a friend (ahem, Cin I'm talking to you).


Yes, sweet love. You read that right... cauliflower and I add it in their smoothie! Seriously, what can this veggie (which I would usually avoid) NOT do... first a cheesy sticks, then a pizza crust and now a veggie source in a smoothie.

Here’s the details on the recipe…


  • cup of cauliflower florets or even...

Stop Flaking on YOU!

you said tomorrow, love.

{ boom }

The conversation I had with myself this morning as I laced up my shoes... bundled up and headed out for some trail running. Seems like I kept putting off something that fills my cup... running outdoors... and it hit me this morning, I keep flaking on myself!!!!

Each time, I postpone an appointment or skip out on getting my hair cut or bail on that hot yoga class... I’m saying, “there’s something more important than me + my health at that moment.”

Ouch. Right?

Let me say that again in case you skimped over that last part…

“Each time, I postponed an appointment or skipped out on getting my hair cut or taking that hot yoga class... I was basically telling myself, there’s something more important than me + my health at that moment.”
— Amber

But what’s more important than your health, love? I can’t take care of the kids... my coaching clients... my life or business...


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