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Natural Deodorant: Ditching Chemicals on My Pits

Deodrant is one of those products that folks typically don't think about... it's a habit.  And with it's application, you get a wee bit of peace of mind that you won't stink up the place and/or there won't be unpleasant sweat stains under your pits during this afternoon's office meeting.  Right?  

Well.  In our journey towards a healthier lifestyle... while our main focus is optimal brain + gut health... I realized nutrition isn't the ONLY thing that contributes to optimal brain + gut health, but also your internal dialogue... your daily habits... and even the products you place ON your body.  

So.  I started with deodorant... and soon discovered that there were at least THREE common ingredients found in conventional deodorants that scare me, but let's briefly touch base on one today.

Anywho.  This brings me to the HEALTH HACK: Start your day with 8oz of Water

Aluminum is the primary ingredient included in antiperspirant deodorants...

My Tips to Own Your Morning

Rise + Shine Sleepy Head! 

Here's my tips to owning my morning + being my most vibrant and productive self.  Now.  That being said... do I do all of these tips EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.  Um, no.  I human and slip up from time to time.  However, I know if I can master just a few of them... then my day is starting off on the right foot.  If I do ALL of them, Hallelujah, I'm doing fantastic.  

The takeaway, I would love for you to snag from this... find out what works for you, which tidbits make YOUR mind/body feel fantastic, which habits take away stress + not add it in your day... and do that.  It may be one of these or it may be all, I don't know.  You got to figure it out, love.  As my hubster would sarcastically quote me, "You do you, boo.  You do you."

Here goes... 


Love.  For the longest time, I was using my mobile phone as my alarm clock which was not helping me rise + shine.  Here's the...

Being a "boy mom" is not what I expected...

Prior to having the Gillies, our twins, I would read stories from other moms... about dressing up their little girls in bows + having tea parties while other moms were taking frogs out of coverall pockets + cleaning mud tracks in their kitchen.  And I'll be honest... I was a wee bit scared about being a mom.  Not because I was going to be bad at it - I'm pretty sure the Gillies would have a lot of therapy material, but because I didn't know about tea parties... and I sure as heck didn't know anything about dump trucks or legos.  


I grew up as a tomboy sorta... I guess.  What do you call a girl who played almost every sport their small town offered but also participated in pagents and cheered at football games?   Seriously.  At the Friday night football games, I would cheer until halftime then join the marching band by playing the bass drum (and yea, played the piccolo in orchestra).  I was an odd...

My Big Sass Cobb Salad

recently, I had gotten away from eating salads... call it boredom.  call it laziness.  call it Ishmael.  whatever.  for some reason, salads were nonexistent in our household for a wee bit.  now.  that doesn't mean we weren't eating leafy greens... we were, I just got into the habit of either blending them into our smoothies or sautéing them to serve up with sunny-side up eggs (still a fave!).  

but. I needed to get back into the habit of salads... not just for my overall well-being but because our littles (who just turned 5!?!  what?!?) were watching what mama was eating and starting to refuse salads (cause I wasn't eating them).  um.  not good.

so.  the search began with finding inspiration for salads - I need it... and what better place to search for food-inspiration than instagram, right?  ugh.  some folks take AMAZINGLY delicious looking food photos while my food art is a tad lacking in the artistic side....

100 Day Health Hack Journey: FULL LIST

Here's an ongoing list of our 100 Health Hacks... we will be adding Health Hacks each week until we cap out at 100!  If you have any health hacks or tidbits, you use or find inspiring - please share below or shoot them this way!  I'll all about learning + growing as well as sharing with my tribe.  

If you would like to hear the FULL story of how the idea began... check it out here


Initially, I was sharing each DAY'S HEALTHY HACK + MY THOUGHTS, plus where I got the idea + research behind it.  But... that was a wee bit intense for a few folks ( + if I'm being honest, myself).  Mainly because... I'm human + a twin mama bear plus launching our IT TAKES BRAIN + GUTS (membership site).   It felt like the hacks were just getting thrown together + the quality was below par.  I'm just keeping it real, love.  

So.  To make it better... less intimidating for all involved.  We are switching things up a bit, because isn't that...

100 Day Health Hack Journey (001-007)

For a brief recap:  

Over the past few months, my own wellness was taking a backseat... and I was struggling, to put it lightly.  INSERT the love of my life.  The hubster gave me some tough love + an idea.  He casually mentioned I should focus on simply doing one percent better each day... just 1%.  For a person with a "Go BIG or Go HOME" attitude, this was hard for me to accept.  However, he went on... if I focused on simply being 1% better each day over time, I would be doing 100% better than I am doing today... and how great would that feel?  RIGHT?!?  

This spurred the idea... 1% better each day for at least 100 days.  Now, thanks to my brilliant dear sweet aunt... due to the compound effect, if done consistently over 100 days I'll be doing better than 100%.   However, for the ease of my mind... we are focusing on one new health hack (1% better) each day for 100 days, consistently.  

But WHICH habits, right?  And which...

100 Day Journey

Wait... what?!?  First off... it may seem a wee bit odd, but as a woman who strives to help others reach their health + wellness goals.  My own personal health + wellness goals were, well, suffering... to put it bluntly.  

I was staying up late to squeeze extra calls + trainings... waking up early to make sure I had everything set up for homeschooling... throwing meals together at the last minute... forgetting exactly when I actually showered and let's not EVEN talk about shaving my legs.  YIKES!!!  

It came to a point where I felt like my body was literally held together by Jesus +  whole lotta dry shampoo while running on pure coffee.  

side note:  here's my simple DIY dry shampoo recipe

you are welcome.

That's when the love of my life, the hubster gave me some tough love + an idea.  He casually mentioned I should focus on simply doing one percent better each day... just 1%.  For a person with a "Go BIG or Go HOME"...

Need an Energy Boost? Try Munching Down on Asparagus!

It's always a wee bit challenging to pick a "Foodie of the Week"... mainly because the week before, we consume A LOT of that ingredient.  So, this mama can try out new recipes + take photos for all the places of social.  

Sitting on the floor of the living room with loads of books scattered all around me, I kept mumbling... "what should be next week's "foodie"?  what should be next week's "foodie"? hmmm".   When a tiny pair of hands touched my arm and said, "spar-gus, mama".   Our little miss (who makes up 50% of our 4yr old duo) loves to cook asparagus... and manages to eat MORE when she cooks the side item than when it's simply placed in front of her on a plate.  

Now.  I love asparagus... and for awhile, I have been chopping it up into 2" bits for our twins to eat as well; however, I have learned that our little man (the other half of the duo) would rather the asparagus to stay LONG in it's spear form and not cut up into bits.  The reason,...

All-Natural Berry Body Scrub


Here's a sweet DIY all-natural body scrub recipe... it made sense to try it, since blueberries are known for being loaded with antioxidants which is great for the skin + the sugar is an excellent exfoliator.  I like to add a wee bit of lavender essential oil to give it a relaxing-spa-like vibe.  

So.  Here you go, love!



  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil  (room temperature)
  • Few drops of lavender essential oil (optional) 


  1. Take a gallon zip-lock bag and place blueberries in it, sealed.  You will be CRUSHING the blueberries with a rolling pin and this will help reduce mess + aid in crushing.  
  2. In a bowl combine the sugar as well as the crushed up blueberries.  
  3. Stir in the coconut oil (+ optional lavender essential oil) into the blueberry/sugar mixture.
  4. Place mixture into individual sealed glass containers (air tight).  Use within...

Why we call blueberries... BRAIN BERRIES!

Blueberries remind me of the hubster... see his side of the family use to have a blueberry farm + I got pretty spoiled.  Each summer, there would be gallon ziplock bags of freshly picked blueberries for the taking.   DELICIOUS!!!  

And whenever we head out to a farmer's market, fresh berries are always a must (along with cut flowers).  It just reminds me of a time when we were first dating... back in college... getting free food (like the blueberries) from family members who felt pity for us broke college students.   

His family would send me home with blueberries... and my folks would send me home with a case of tuna fish (because my dad would have a SAM's club card)!  HAHAHA!  

Fish + blueberries... not a good combo, I'm not recommending it here.  

{ insert: gross face }  

Let's divert from this subject and dive a wee bit deeper into the goodness of blueberries + recipes which don't include fish!  You are welcome. 


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