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If you ever drive by my place in the early morning, you'll most likely see someone (ahem me) in a knit hat, hoodie with yoga pants walking barefoot in her yard.  Every single morning come RAIN or shine...I walk for a few minutes with my bare feet in the soil.

Why exactly?

Because it's said by placing your naked feet on the ground, free electrons are taken up into the body which release the positive ions that's been built up from free radicals, inflammation, exposure to technology/screens, etc.

It's known as grounding... or earthing, pending on who you ask.



Excess amounts of positive ions in our bodies can disrupt cellular metabolism and increase inflammation.  Hello!  Heck, no, inflammation has got to go!  *Could you hear me chant this out loud?*.   Anywho.

By putting my feet in soil for just 10 minutes every morning, the benefits I could reap include:

  • reduce inflammation
  • balance body's rhythm
  • boost my mood and energy...

The Difference Between Your "Why" And Your "Mission"

Full transparency.  The vision I have on my heart feels quite ginormous that the ONLY way it will be filled is through miracles.  I call it a "God-sized hole on my heart" type of dream.  A dream stated out loud to my "then bestie, now husband" back in college.  

And it's the purpose or the mission behind my business. 

If we have ever had an in-person conversation lasting over 5 minutes, then you probably already KNOW what this mission is... and why it's important.  And if you don't, we'll get to it in a wee bit.  



First, how about we talk on the importance of having a mission or even a mission statement for your business.  And I think it can vary from the WHY of your business... you can have a "WHY" factor plus a "MISSION" for your business. 

The WHY is what you love... how you want to serve... who you want to help. For instance, I absolutely love serving women entrepreneurs particularly...


Holy Toledo, this year flew by so ridiculously fast, am I right?  The fact that we are counting down to the New Year baffles me.  However, there is something about the New Year which sorta feels magically.  Like a clean slate.  A do-over.  Change for new beginnings which is ridiculous as EVERY morning is a clean slate... a change to start over, to shift your mindset + choose wisely.  


Yet there's something refreshing about the New Year... and we aren't going to talk about setting resolutions or commitments, this is just a quick read about the actions I've learned throughout the years to do to ensure the next year will be epic!

*epic by definition (adjective):  grand in scale or character* 



This practice always seemed a wee bit time-consuming to me; however, if we do not take time to reflect back to assess how we did things, the outcomes, the lessons, etc.... then we are most likely...

Finding Your Purpose is More Than Just Identifying Your Why

If you have been an entrepreneur for longer than a second, you most likely heard the phrase... Identify Your Why!   Know Your Why!  Go Back To Your Why... when you feel like giving up! 


And on the off chance that you never heard of this before, let me fill ya in.  Your "WHY" is known as the driving force of your business.  It's a deep, impactful and quite personal reason YOU get your tired little bottom out of bed every morning to dive into your business. 


Your "WHY" is what you'll dig into and hold tightly as your will power to keep going on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster is thrown off the tracks.  Your "WHY" keeps you grounded and keeps you hungry for your goal.



I think there's MORE to knowing your WHY to keep yourself moving forward.  And it's not having more discipline (which can't hurt) or hiring a coach to hold you accountable (which also can't hurt).... but it's truly realizing your...

6 Lessons I Learned From My First Mastermind

Before we dive into my first mastermind experience, let's define what exactly is a mastermind.  When you google mastermind it comes up with the following:

Mastermind (n):  a person who supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project. mastermind.


If you search for what is a leadership or business mastermind, it comes up with this definition:  being a member of a mastermind is a powerful strategy used by high-achieving leaders to move ahead quickly on their goals.

Well, hello, that is exactly the intentions I had for joining my first mastermind.  I wanted to surround myself with high-achieving women who were focused on moving forward in their business. 

And when I joined my first ever mastermind, I was surrounded by amazing women... most of whom, I kept in contact with today roughly five years later!

I had a truly beautiful experience and learned, oh so much; however, I fell into a trap of following the same exact business road map...

Create White Space in the Chaos for Clarity


One quote I can totally relate to is Albert Einstein's, when he said: 

Why do I always get my best ideas while shaving? 



Well, I don't necessarily get my absolute best ideas while shaving but definitely in the car or even running.   There's just something about allowing my mind to go through the motions and freeing up space for NEW ideas to pop in... even if scientist haven't figured why this happens exactly, I think there's something to this!

There was a study I learned during a Masterclass where 15 minutes of meditation revealed positive effects for decision making!  Now, I'm not saying you have to go full on meditation mode to solve ALL your problems... although, it couldn't hurt.

What is being suggested is to create some white space in your beautifully chaotic life to allow your mind to wander.

So, here's the BIG QUESTION I have for you... where DOES your mind wander best?  Is it in the car while driving? ...

7 Productivity Hacks Which Will Save You TIME + Energy

One thing I have learned is that we have two forms of currency:  time and energy.  And while we can not create more TIME, we can use our time as efficiently as possible AND generate more energy. 

For now, we are going to focus on the former... using our time as efficiently as possible which is vital as a mom entrepreneur.  Am I right?  


Here are my top practices which I seriously try to implement every single week in order to get the most out of my 2-3 hour work day.  


Yes, I have a thriving business as a head coach for Team Wedmore's Business By Design community, the founder of Biohacker Babe Academy's membership and as a biz coach for women entrepreneurs... all while working 2-3 hours, five days a week so I can be fully present as a homeschooling twin mom.


And here's my secrets, are you ready? Lean in.  Wait.  Don't lean in, that looks weird... it's a computer screen.  Just read on.





At least once a week some fellow mom ceo boss slips into my DMs to ask about my daily routine. It looks something like:

How do you manage homeschooling, coaching for Business By Design, running your own business, your sanity, running races, and twins?


If you’re anything like me, you love nitty-gritty details. So, here’s the full scoop, from sun up to sun down!



5-ish am:
Wake up without an alarm clock (however, we do have an old school clock set). This sounds blissful to wake up without an alarm clock; however, it's mainly because our two newfoundland puppies bound into bed asking to be taken outside for their morning walk. The time varies from 4 am to 5 am when the pups, Bernice + Buford, wake me up.

Start brewing the coffee as I grab 20oz of water with morning brain supplements to head outside with pups for grounding + hydration along with some morning sunshine (pending if the sun is up) which makes me sound like a...

Hacks to an Effortless Launch Without Sacrificing Your Family Time or Energy

Imagine this.

You just spent oodles of dollars investing in your launch... with courses, hiring a VA and an email marketer plus don't forget your website + all those additional things which pile up.

It's midnight of cart closing and you find yourself completely exhausted.  You are sleep deprived and overly caffeinated making you resemble a squirrel on RedBull.  You haven't had a real shower since the day cart opened yet you DID THE THING!  You launched your product... it's out into the world.


But the feeling of doing this over and over again feels a wee bit daunting.  It kinda actually terrifies you a wee bit. 


That my friend, is what some folks call... Launch PTSD.  And it's real.  


Now, I'm not making light of PTSD.  As a person who has a bout of PTSD due to life trauma, I get it.  It's anxiety and a heaviness on the chest.  It's horrible dreams waking you up in sheer panic drenched in sweat and a sense of...

One Thing to Do Daily IF You Want To Grow As An Entrepreneur

Back in college, I worked in a local bookstore, which was completely fabulous. It was dimly lit and smelled like dusty paperback books, with fresh coffee brewed and local baked goods on display.

Light jazz music played gently in the background, and if you came in the afternoon, you could catch a glimpse of the two slightly obese cats snoozing in the window display. Each day I went to work was like walking onto a movie set of a romantic comedy, with potential for a “meet cue” with my love interest. I loved every minute of it. 

Besides the owner of the shop, there was another worker who was slightly older and so much cooler than me. We each had a section of the store we fancied, and mine—if you could guess it—was the chick-lit section. This was the section filled with books on, well, female heroines and romantic comedies.

Oh, my Doris Day-Debbie Reynolds loving heart. 

One section I never took the time to browse was the self-help aisle, which is...


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