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We all have a "wall", the metaphorical wall surrounding us in our comfortable cozy little bubble.  A boundary which hinders (some) of us from reaching our goals... setting new limits... pushing us to do better.

Allow me to take you on a trip down memory lane to share with you that time I LITERALLY faced my wall.

See. for our 10th wedding anniversary, the hubster + I participated in a Spartan Race.  The fact we came out of the race alive, still speaking and married makes me quite relieved.  

Anywho.  I remember the morning of the race like it was yesterday.  The hubster and I left before the sun rose to drive 5 hours to the event.  We even stopped at a hole-in-the-wall gas station to get breakfast burritos (hello, HUGE mistake).  During the drive over, we talked about the obstacles and what we expected as well as what we feared.  

The hubster was a tad bit nervous about the running as the race was anywhere between 10-15 miles in...


Name is Amber.

And I currently work from home as the "Brain + Gut Health Explorer" as well as homeschool our twin 6-year olds known as the Gillies and provide daily therapy to our little man.  To answer your questions, "NO" I am not insane nor am I superwoman.  Honestly, each day I feel LESS like superwoman and more like Bridget Jones.  If Bridget Jones didn't have a diary and instead had twins as well as a business she needed to run from home.

Yet the other day, I received a voice text from a dear friend who stated... "I think of you often as I bought you a mug that said "every day hero" and I need to ship it to you." 

Every Day Hero.

I'm not even going to lie to you... when I heard those words, tears streamed down my face.  It was pure joy mixed in with horror.  I look like I have it all together.  ME?!?  Shizzzzzzzz... that can not be, right? 

Let's just set the record straight.  I do not have it all together.   ...


All jokes açai'd, this is my favorite açai bowl recipe... so much so, that some nights I stay up contemplating opening up our own FOOD TRUCK where all I do is serve açai bowls with all the toppings.  (hashtag:  trademarking this idea, so no ideas)


The toppings is where the magic happens and we will get to that but first... WHY AÇAI BOWLS, Amber?  Well.  I stumbled upon the magic of these bowls when I attended a veterinary conference about 2-3years ago down in San Diego.  It was delicious but NOT something that was rather common in the boonies of East Texas... so, I forgot about them.  (tragic, I know).

Recently, our family relocated AND we may be in trouble as the place we are currently staying is 2mins from a cafe that whips up delicious açaí bowls.  Yet the price tag DEFINITELY PACKS a GUT PUNCH... so, I decided to learn how to MAKE my own.  

side note:  I still purchase a bowl...


There's a saying I use when I'm facing a lot of struggles... it may be a wee bit tacky, but it makes me chuckle + helps me take light of the situation I am finding myself in at that moment. The phrase: LIFE IS KICKING ME IN THE LADY BITS.

And let me be clear. There's a ton of folks who have LIFE kicking them in their lady bits... harder than me. Yep, it's true. And I'm here praying for you, love.

Now. Sometimes, when I am facing struggles... I feel like things are going "okay". I'm taking in information... processing... and rolling with the punches as BEST as I can. BUT my body definitely CLUES me in to the fact that I'm a bubbly hot mess with all my gut issues, lack of sleep and a new friend in the form of a pimple on my face. I call her Roberta.

Why Roberta? Because when I was in summer camp, my roommate Roberta stole my "boyfriend" at the time... and it broke my 8th grader heart. Sorry, to all the Robertas out there in the world. But, I call my pimples Roberta.




One question I get all the time from women in our Brain + Gut Health Explorers community is how do I have so much energy?!?   And it's not because I drink a load of caffeine... I'm an one cup of coffee in the morning only type of person (any more and it makes my gut completely miserable).

Well.  I'll share with you one of my favorite hacks for feeling energized throughout the day and it's dedicated to my beautiful redheaded grandma whom I call, Gromeré.  At 91yrs old, she taught me the power of a good 15-20 minute power nap.

If you want all 5 hacks for staying energized throughout the day, you can score them all here!

Anywho.  Back to my gromeré.  Growing up, it was nothing for my grandparents to have family/friends over... and for my grandma to disappear for 15-20 minutes while everyone was playing cards or taking a break for lunch.

By the time, you were searching for her... she would pop her beautiful redhead into the room with a huge...


Love- it's that time of year where you are packing up the car every other weekend to go THIS place or THAT... and somehow along the way, your goals of crushing a 10K (or rocking a bikini) slip to the sidelines.  Am I right?

Well. First off... you can ALREADY rock that bikini, love.  The only way to truly have a beach body is to:  A)  put on a bikini  and 2)  go to the beach.  DONE!  

But I get it, love.  I set quarterly health goals for myself and sometimes, it seems like the SUMMER is a test for my own will-power... can Amber hit her goals this summer, we shall see!  It's like American Ninja Warrior... but I'm a contestant, LIFE is the battles and my goal is to CRUSH a marathon come September.  Okay, nothing like American Ninja Warrior... but you feel me, right?

Last summer, I thought I was in a run for my money when our little man had intense lokomat therapy in the big "city" every other day for 12+ weeks... which...


Have you ever woken up to a belly that was COMPLETELY angry with you?  Distended, gargling noises, some discomort... making you rethink what you had at dinner with the girls or maybe you indulged a wee bit too much on vacation.  
Dude.  We have all been there, sometimes, I even go there... and I KNOW my belly is going to be upset with my lifestyle choices the next day.   But, after some trial and error, I found some tips to help me get my gut back on track AND it’s one question I get asked probably once a week if not more.  

So.  I figured I’d just jot it down for you here, love... my tips on how to make my belly happy!  And you probably guessed it, the first place we are going to start is with the diet.
REFRAIN from processed, refined foods such as donuts, cookies, cakes, chips, etc.   FOCUS INSTEAD ON EATING WHOLE, UNPROCESSED, UNREFINED FOODS.
One of the best...


Basil and I have a love/hate relationship... I love all the benefits of basil + it hates to grow in my herb garden.  

Not really.  

I just struggle with growing parsley and basil... which folks tell me are the two simplest herbs to grow.  My issue is the herbs do amazing then we get 3-4 days of torrential downpours of rain and when I go to check on them once the sun comes up... they have given up on life.   { sad face }  

So.  In order to solve this problem... I have repotted my plants (aka. purchased new ones) and moved them indoors near our sliding glass doors so they can get optimal sun but protected from the heavy rains!  

Now my biggest concern is keeping those tiny 4yr old hands off my plants!!!  Ah well... 

Let's dive deep into BASIL to find out all it's goodness + ways you can start using it... in your kitchen as well as in your beauty regimen!  


How to select the right basil? 

Opt for organic, fresh...

The Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries remind me of the hubster... see his side of the family use to have a blueberry farm + I got pretty spoiled. Each summer, there would be gallon ziplock bags of freshly picked blueberries for the taking. DELICIOUS!!!

And whenever we head out to a farmer's market, fresh berries are always a must (along with cut flowers). It just reminds me of a time when we were first dating... back in college... getting free food (like the blueberries) from family members who felt pity for us broke college students.

His family would send me home with blueberries... and my folks would send me home with a case of tuna fish (because my dad would have a SAM's club card)! HAHAHA!

Fish + blueberries... not a good combo, I'm not recommending it here.

{ insert: gross face }

Let's divert from this subject and dive a wee bit deeper into the goodness of blueberries + recipes which don't include fish! You are welcome.

How do you select BLUEBERRIES?

In an article, I read it's more beneficial to snag...

Stay Present... a note to myself.



Seriously. In today's world it seems something is always competing for our attention... the news, podcasts, social media, etc. Something is always happening + wanting to be seen. But you know what... something has ALWAYS been happening. Right? And the world kept turning.


Last fall, the hubster + I sat down to take a look at some of the things we wanted to box up and take with us... some things we wanted to store... and other things we needed to either donate or trash.


The task made me think of other things we needed to either take with us... or trash. And that was our habits. How can WE be more present as a family? How can we focus on the NOW... before our Gillies, the twins, are packing up their own things to head out on their own.

A few habits we decided to take with us:

  • family dinners... unplugged

  • Saturday morning outings to the local farmer's market (when in season)

  • Sunday church service

  • starting the day with meditation and prayer

  • ...

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