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After our road trip to the Deep South to visit family, I realized the focus of 2019 needed to be on my overall wellness and being open with the tribe in regards to my own transformation.  

And what better time to share with my tribe in Brain + Gut Health Explorers Community just 5 things I do each day for my overall health... these may be things YOU do already + maybe you have health hacks that YOU think are vital... share, love. The more you know, the more you can grow.

plus. I’ll be hosting a LIVE Masterclass in our community where I’ll recap these 5 Health Hacks and introduce 5 more (a total of 10 HEALTH HACKS) to help you live your most vibrant + productive life in 2019!

And yes. I wrote this blog on my iPad while the hubster drove us from PNW to the deep South… just 5700 miles round trip in 100 hours. BOOM BABY! We survived… and here’s proof, I was somewhat productive and not sleeping in the passenger seat.



This year, my...


Okay. If you follow me for even a wee bit, you know I love a good green smoothie... loaded with healthy fats + dark berries. Majority of the time, I am blessed that our 5yr old twins (aka. the Gillies) enjoy my love for a good green smoothie as well. I know. I know. I am blessed.

However. Every once in a while the Gillies get a wee bit sassy which they inherited primarily from their daddy-o… and they do not want to have a green smoothie.

{ gasp of horror }

Right? Anywho. If you need a break from dumping kale or spinach in a smoothie... let me share with you this tidbit I stumbled upon from a friend (ahem, Cin I'm talking to you).


Yes, sweet love. You read that right... cauliflower and I add it in their smoothie! Seriously, what can this veggie (which I would usually avoid) NOT do... first a cheesy sticks, then a pizza crust and now a veggie source in a smoothie.

Here’s the details on the recipe…


  • cup of cauliflower florets or even...

Stop Flaking on YOU!

you said tomorrow, love.

{ boom }

The conversation I had with myself this morning as I laced up my shoes... bundled up and headed out for some trail running. Seems like I kept putting off something that fills my cup... running outdoors... and it hit me this morning, I keep flaking on myself!!!!

Each time, I postpone an appointment or skip out on getting my hair cut or bail on that hot yoga class... I’m saying, “there’s something more important than me + my health at that moment.”

Ouch. Right?

Let me say that again in case you skimped over that last part…

“Each time, I postponed an appointment or skipped out on getting my hair cut or taking that hot yoga class... I was basically telling myself, there’s something more important than me + my health at that moment.”
— Amber

But what’s more important than your health, love? I can’t take care of the kids... my coaching clients... my life or business...


You probably have heard that a kick-sass morning routine is what you need to WIN YOUR DAY! Heck, it’s something I tell the women in our Brain + Gut Health Explorers Communitybut here’s a fun factoid for you.

Yes. Rising + shining (even dimly) early in the morning and crossing things off your list will help you reach that goal… lose weight, publish that book, be a homeschooling teaching ninja… whatever goal you set for yourself. But the thing NO ONE talks about is the importance of an EVENING ROUTINE.


I know. I know… you just rolled your eyes at me. Amber wants me to have a MORNING routine AND an EVENING routine. This lady is completely bunkers.

Well, the latter is definitely debatable… the truth is I’m not the first one to come up with this concept. Think I read about it in Darren Hardy’s book, Compound Effect long ago…. he calls it “bookending your days”.


Here’s the thing...

Feed Your Mind… with Books

my hubster has this amazing ability to spit out truth bombs when you least expect it. or want it.

and the other day, we were talking about the goals we set for the upcoming month when insert his truth bomb.


“love. if you want to serve others, you need to stay up on your material. consider reading a new book every few weeks to staying in the ‘know’”
— the hubster

{ boom }


and he is so true. however, being a working relief veterinarian with twin 5yr olds who we currently homeschool (see the keyword: currently) and provide daily physical therapy + run a brain + gut health business from home... WHEN am I suppose to find time to read?


and then it hit me.

if it's important to me. I will find the time and by finding time meant giving up on my Netflix series binge watching which currently is Eureka (yes, you can judge me a wee bit).

you should also know, I hold a "GO BIG or...

My Birthday Eve Tradition

on the eve of my birthday... hello, it's in November. {spoiler alert}

I take a beat to write down every. single. thing. that's in my heart to accomplish... it can be completely silly. or extremely terrifying. some focused on business, family life, hubster + me, relationships with friends, vet-related, fitness, overall health/wellness, green-living, etc.

and then I map out the next year to do at least ONE a month or ONE a week (if it’s a new tradition I hope catches on in our family!). sounds terrifying, doesn't it. but it doesn't have to be... the cure for fear is action, right?

one thing on my list for my 37th trip around the sun... is wearing red lipstick which reminds me, I'll need to make a #beautycounter purchase soon.


another thing on the list is running an ultra-marathon. I use to LOVE allowing my mind to be completely clear as I lost myself (not the way) on a trail for hours at a time... thankful for my legs ability, grateful for the air in my lungs and just...

Celebrate the Small Stuff

one thing we sometimes forget to do when mapping out a HUGE goal we have... whether that's a health/fitness goal, weight loss goal, business venture, family goal, etc. is CELEBRATE the wins along the way.

it’s something I learned which helped me tremendously on my health journey. simply celebrating small successes. so. with every 5 pounds, I would treat myself to something...

  • a full body massage

  • a new facial mask I have been eyeing

  • an avocado t-shirt

  • a pair of @JCrew shorts to show off my hard work

  • a night to binge watch my favorite tv series (don't judge, it's currently Castle)

here’s the kicker though, I did this ONLY with my health journey or with the kids goals… not with my business. what?!?

that’s completely bonkers, right? but with every goal I set for myself with my virtual brain + gut health business… I would break a HUGE goal down into bite size bits. and when I crossed off one of the smaller bits, I would simply rush to go to the...

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (Low Carb Style)

one of my absolute favorite things to do is to wake up early on Saturday morning and attend a local farmer’s market. I have absolutely NO idea why exactly… it’s not like we visited lots of farmer’s markets growing up. actually, I think my first ever farmer’s market was when I living down in the West Indies.

I remember one of my friends invited me to the local market down in the metropolis of Basseterre on the island of St. Kitts. it was a small market filled with local finds, fresh fish displayed on the side walk and goat heads hanging. I was in AWE!!! and I loved every minute of it. gathering fresh coconut bread and produce I haven’t even tried before let alone known what they were… hello, bread fruit! that’s delicious.

anywho. when I moved back state-side with the hubster, one of the traditions we created was to attend local markets on the weekend… and being in Raleigh, NC I got SPOILED! they have freaking phenomenal...

Twin Mom/Boss Babe Life Hack: Schedule Your Week!

It may sound a wee bit, like, duh... schedule your life. And you may not even do it... or you may only schedule a few things, thinking "I'll just remember ___ (insert mundane task) ___."

However, if we are being real here... if it's not scheduled, it is 86% likely to get missed by miss. So, I schedule it.

Which brings me to this HEALTH HACK: Schedule Your Week!


Well. I simply take 20 minutes to look at my calendar for the next six days and write out my, well, "ta das" as I call them. The reason I call them "ta-da" is because it's a miracle when I get them all crossed off the list... I'll actually say, TA DA!!!!!.

{ plus. I love to cross things off my LIST, it's strangely satisfying... am I right? }



  • Schedule your life + what you value... you don't want to miss anything!

    “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”— Stephen Covey

What you are scheduling for you this week... what's...

HEALTHY TRAVEL TIPS: staying on track while moving cross-country


friend. first thing is first… it took me a long time to be able to breathe + write this. why? well. we relocated (once again) from the deep South to the Pacific Northwest. relocating isn’t something that’s new to the hubster + I. one of my nickname’s in the family is the “Cajun Gypsy” which is rightfully earned because over the course of our marriage (12 wonderful years), we have lived in two countries… 8 states (one state, twice)… and 12 homes.

however, this travel was a wee bit different. how? well. instead of moving DIRECTLY to our new location which is Washington, we had a three week transition period in Idaho for the hubster’s work. it was odd. packing boxes for our new home in Washington… for our three week stay in Idaho… and a 3 day road trip.

plus. when the movers arrived, they didn’t really understand the boxes labeled WASHINGTON and IDAHO. and packed ALL the boxes in the moving truck (even...

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