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My Repurposing Strategy Which Saves Me Time (+ Brain Cells!)

There are two sources of currency we all have:  time and energy.  The latter we can generate through nutrition, biohacks, sleep, lighting and so on.  Yet, we all know we can not generate more time; however, we can use it to the BEST of our ability! 

This applies to all areas... for me, these areas include: homeschooling, endurance training, coaching and even creating content for various social platforms. 

In all honesty, social media is not my favorite thing on the planet. [Enter huge but!] BUT, I understand the importance for me to create content and serve my audience which may include posting content on various platforms.  

And each platform has it's own special set of rules as well as things it likes to help promote your content.  Fabulous.  *sarcasm* 

As a homeschooling twin mom who coaches within the Business By Design community as a head coach AND coaches her own clients either in our membership or in a closer capacity, it's...

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Yet Unsure Which Offer To Launch First


 This is a term which is becoming more and more common in the online space.  There's a brilliant article by Kinga Mnich which breaks this down for you.  You can read it here!  However, for me, a multi-passionate person is someone who is, well, passionate about multiple things.  HA! 

Seriously, though, it's someone who has quite a few strengths and abilities to help others and finds joy in doing so.  When you sit with these words, you may have a few "celebrities" who already come to mind:  Oprah, Beyoncé, Jesse Itzler, Chalene Johnson, etc.  



And you, yourself, may even resonate with the term "multi-passionate entrepreneur"... I know I do! 

There's a quite a few things I am passionate about when it comes to business/helping others:  biohacks or performance hacks, business strategy, business...

Overwhelmed With All The Decisions - Here’s A Hack!


Recently, I read somewhere that most of our habits or decisions were made subconsciously which if you think about it makes sense.

IF the conscious mind had to whip up the pros/cons for EVERY single decision... we would be FATIGUED and exhausted. ALL. THE. DANG. TIME. 

Yet some folks can become paralyzed with too many options and unable to make ANY decisions... you probably heard the phrase, "analysis paralysis".

Which has a nice RING to it, no? But it's not a good place to be living. 

Sometimes INFORMATION overload can lead us to fatigue, confusion and even worse, the dreaded analysis paralysis.



One thing I learned to help my brain stay SHARP is to reduce the decisions it has to make throughout the day AND to follow my gut.

Okay. Sounds easy, but how exactly?

  • PLAN things out in advance:  as much as possible, because LIFE can kick you in the lady bits and screw things up
  • MAP OUT the week ahead:  menu, homeschooling points...

The Secret To Raising Littles AND Building Your Dream Business



Sweet Baby Cakes. 

I see you doing all the things.

I see you making dinner while trying to listen to a webinar. I see you waking up early to drink your coffee + have some sort of morning routine before your house wakes.

I see you hustling while the house is empty for an hour or two. I see you staying up late to get that email written, so you can serve your audience.

I see you doing all the things. And I want you to know, I got you.

As a homeschooling mom who runs her own business while coaching for an amazing digital CEO community, I see you... I've been you.

And one thing I learned is... it's not about hustling.

It's not about skimping out on sleep to blast another email. It's not about longer hours or outsourcing every time detail.

Most folks skim over the secret and the secret is this: consistent action.



The daily non-sexy, mostly unnoticed tasks taken every single day.

It's like when someone asked Tom Brady what's the...

How To Take Your Fear + Use It As Fuel



My dream involves envelopes and it's the reason WHY I keep an envelope framed on my desk so I can keep the dream FRESH in my mind... along with it's meaning.



The dream starts with me passing away, MORBID, I know. Keep reading.

When I leave my earthly body, I walk into this room which is completely WHITE and has a solitary white chair in the middle of the room.

I am motioned by this being, God, to sit down in the chair and as soon as I do the walls show up all around me... and I can see HUNDREDS if not thousands of white envelopes.

God motions for me to open the envelopes and in each one of the envelope is an index card with words written.  Some with simple tasks on them while others with HUGE dreams laid out.

Some have to do with me, my family, my friends.  Other index cards include dreams and outcomes for other people I have no idea who they are.

As I'm sitting down on the floor...

How To Bust Through The Overwhelm


Now, buckle up sweet buttercup because this is going to be a dose of tough love.


Tough love (n): a bit of information which may be tough or difficult to hear but is said with pure love + compassion.


"I'm just so overwhelmed with everything," she said to me. "There's just so much to do, I feel pressure to make money now and I don't know how to get it all done."


This was a conversation from a dear friend who was trying to launch her new offer while doing all the tasks of mom life and her day-to-day job. She longed to leave the 9-to-5 and focus solely on building her own business, yet she was hit with overwhelm.


Seriously, though. Can you relate at all to this feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, pressure and the unknown?


As an emergency veterinarian with little twins, the Gillies, these feelings were not foreign to me when I was just starting out as a digital entrepreneur.

Here's what I learned... lean in, it's the "tough love" part:  just...

How Getting Uncomfortable Actually Serves You (+ Your Business)


Last week, I was constantly monitoring the weather channel and the temperatures in Minnesota.  And as the temperatures kept dropping to the NEGATIVE numbers, my heart began to race fast. 


Why exactly?  Well, I signed up for an experience with a few other folks... none of which I knew.  We were to travel to the tundra of Minnesota and sleep in tents on a frozen lake. 


The experience would include: breath work with Wim Hof method coaches, chopping wood for the travel sauna, sleeping in tents on a frozen (2ft thick of ice) lake, plunging into the frozen lake and yoga sessions out in the snow.  Along with hikes, meeting new people and straight up just embracing getting uncomfortable. 


And as I packed an extra pair of thermals into my travel suitcase, I had to remind myself...



I signed up to get uncomfortable... to push past my limits... to silence the negative chatter when...

Tips To Map Out Your Ideal Day As A Busy Entrepreneur

What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?  


I remember sitting in on a group coaching session where this question popped up.  This question made me wonder something IF you aren't entirely sure what your ideal day would look like than how in the world are you making your decisions?  Are you just putting out fires every single day, always on the defense?  Or are you mapping out strategic goals and action steps to help YOU create the life YOU desire?  


Now. Constantly being on defense sounds like a lot of work AND like you never truly take any steps forward.  It's not how I want to live yet at the time during this call, it felt like my life was 86% on the defense.   


I've since learned through various lessons, masterclasses, coaching sessions and trial/error what my ideal day would look like.  The picture of my ideal day changes with the seasons of our lives, but if you want to take a gander at...

4 Easy Habits To Combat The Overwhelm Of Hustling

The word “hustle” literally makes me cringe. People tend to think hustle is a good thing, but when I think of hustling, I think my emergency/critical care veterinary residency. I was working five to six days a week with 14- to 16-hour shifts. 


It felt at times I was surviving on a handful of hours of sleep and spending the rest of my time studying when not passed out on the floor. Now, granted, I signed up for my residency voluntarily and was extremely blessed to be a part of it. Plus, my resident mates, mentors, and the crew where I worked were phenomenal. 


But, hustle makes me think of that period of my life because it was a wee bit out of balance, with lack of sleep and poor nutrition. Plus, if one stays out of balance for some time, the destination is most likely going to be burnout. No one needs imbalance and fatigue, especially when you are trying to hustle. 


It's like a toddler on a sugar rush.... going... going... going......




There is just something completely warped about dressing rooms, am I right? The lighting is set to make a gal look like an extra for the movie Casper, with pasty dry skin and dark blue circles under the eyes. Plus, where do they snag these mirrors that completely distort one’s thighs to resemble bathroom mats. This can’t be me, can it? 


I stared at the reflection in the dim dressing room, holding a pair of jeans that didn’t fit over my bathroom mat thighs. This woman was mimicking my moves but her hair was dry and thin with patchy, colorless skin. Holy Toledo, I thought. This woman is me—or at least the shell of who I was. 


Somehow after our twins, the Gillies, made their arrival early at 27 weeks, and following the months in the NICU as well as multiple hospital stays afterwards, this was me. I was literally being held together by Jesus and a whole lot of dry shampoo and fueled...


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