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Reasons You May Be Pushing Your Launch Date... again!

I've gotta ask you:  what is the reason you are pushing the launch date back again?  

This is a tough but fair question I shot one of my clients on a call together.  We had just laid out her strategy session for the SECOND time and she was contemplating pushing the dates back once again.

I'll be hundred percent real with you as I was with her.  it's completely normal to have doubts, fears, concerns, feelings of limiting beliefs and hearing negative chatter in your mind when you are launching.  This doesn't make you a special unicorn.


But it doesn't.  You are not unique into feeling this way.  What makes you unique is that you identify what is holding you back and take action anyway.  That's where the magic happens. 

This may be a tough love read, but it comes from the heart and wanting to help YOU serve your audience the best way possible (for you)... and create an impact not only in your business, but in your life and the...

6 Hacks To Do When Overwhelmed By Goals

Amber Langley-Gill
6 Hacks To Do When Overwhelmed By Goals


"You are too hard on yourself, Amber."  

This is a common statement made by my closest friends.  You know what, they are not wrong (to some degree).  

And I want to share with you the reason why I am a wee bit hard on myself as well as how I flip it to actually HELP me (not harm me).  



Unlike your closest friends or even strangers you follow on social media, you only see glimpses of what they are doing, no?  It's not like everyone is showing you everything! 

You don't see them scrolling for ten minutes on TikTok watching videos while supposedly on the "potty".   You don't see them reaching for a pint of ice cream once the kids go to sleep instead of focusing on their wellness goals.

You don't see ANY of that... which I think can hurt us to some degree but also gives us compassion for when friends or folks simply tell us, "I'm doing my best but I'm struggling." 

Because we don't see ALL of...

The Truth About Motherhood + Entrepreneurship Co-Existing


Whose ready to read the truth about motherhood + entrepreneurship co-existing?  Because I am not going to be sugarcoating this for you, sweets.  Not all. 



You might need a wee bit of context before diving into this quick 2-minute read.  Name is Amber; however, most of my friends call me, Langley which is my maiden name.  I'm a former emergency/critical care veterinarian turned entrepreneur who works from home while homeschooling our twins, nicknamed the Gillies.  

There are several ways I serve and "work" from home... besides my own community + weekly blogs, my time is spent within James Wedmore's Business By Design community as a head coach.  Plus, I serve women entrepreneurs in several capacities such as through 1:1 Intensive Days or group coaching with the focus being on launching their offer/service with ease + without hustling.

Now.  You can see how these areas WHILE homeschooling our twins can take up...

5 Hacks When Motivation Lacks


First off.  Let's define the word, motivation.  According to the definition is as follows: 

Motivation (noun):  the reason one has for acting/behaving in a particular way; the general desire of someone to do something.

General desire of someone to do something.  I like that wording.  Because every one of us has at sometime lacked the desire to do something whether it was for our business or a wellness goal or even with a relationship.  

And what do most humans do when they lack something or long to find the answer... they google it.  


Here's a dose of tough love: there's no secret sauce or magically elixir for one to stay motivated 100% of the time.

Instead motivation needs movement. I call it the BIG MO'. You need movement to build momentum which generates motivation.

And taking movement or action towards your goal takes discipline. Plain and simple.

Like a classic white tee.


However, I think sometimes...

Best Hacks For Onboarding A New Client

You put your offer out into the world and some beautiful soul clicked purchase.  And the internet fairies sent them the "Thank You" email.  Now what?

One of my absolute favorite ways to onboard a new client is with a WELCOME PACKET.

It's the perfect way to provide them with all the nitty gritty details of what to expect from you, your offer and hours of operation.  Also, a welcome packet tackles any loose ends or questions new clients/students may have in the beginning of their journey with you.

But, what do you include in a WELCOME PACKET?  Let's dissect one together shall, we?  



First thing is first.  Welcome them to your program/offer/etc and express your gratitude for being there with you.  Because YOU are grateful they took a leap and hired YOU to provide the solution for them.  I love to make this section a wee bit personal and tell them why I'm grateful to have THEM on this journey...

To Invest and To Not Invest: Where To Put Your Money In Your Business



This is a huge question for any entrepreneur especially one who is branching out into the digital online space:  where do I invest in my business? 

Maybe it's a question you have asked yourself once or twice as well.  As part of my journey, I can honestly say it wasn't one I thought too critically on at that time.

We are just being honest, right? 

I was sort of in this illusion, if something was put in front of my face then it must be a sign I needed it for my business.  The amount of times, the hubster heard the word, "sign" in the first two years of my business is hilarious.  But, I didn't know. No one was talking about it.  And looking back on my journey, I realize it wasn't a sign from the universe... it was just good marketing by those entrepreneurs.  

Bravo, guys.  You got me.

But, now I'm onto you.  And now, I'm going to spill the tea with everyone else.



Straight out of the...

Hacks To Grow Your Business And Launch With Limited Time


Recently, I shared a few of my favorite hacks on how to actually LAUNCH without the stress or overwhelm.  You can check out that quick 2-minute read >> HERE <<.

However, if you are thinking EVEN before actually launching... and pondering if you even have the TIME to launch, then buttercup, listen up.  You got the time.

I know, how in the world can I possibly even say this to you. I have absolutely NO idea what you are going through in this season in your life.  AND You are completely right.  I don't. 

But here's the thing:  If it's a PRIORITY to you in THIS SEASON you are in, you have the time. 

This means, if other things take priority such as health of a loved one... or your own mental/physical well-being (as examples) then maybe NOW isn't the season.  Because THOSE are taking priority.  And baby cakes, that is completely good.  You take care of YOU and your priorities.


If you are making your business and...

My Repurposing Strategy Which Saves Me Time (+ Brain Cells!)

There are two sources of currency we all have:  time and energy.  The latter we can generate through nutrition, biohacks, sleep, lighting and so on.  Yet, we all know we can not generate more time; however, we can use it to the BEST of our ability! 

This applies to all areas... for me, these areas include: homeschooling, endurance training, coaching and even creating content for various social platforms. 

In all honesty, social media is not my favorite thing on the planet. [Enter huge but!] BUT, I understand the importance for me to create content and serve my audience which may include posting content on various platforms.  

And each platform has it's own special set of rules as well as things it likes to help promote your content.  Fabulous.  *sarcasm* 

As a homeschooling twin mom who coaches within the Business By Design community as a head coach AND coaches her own clients either in our membership or in a closer capacity, it's...

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Yet Unsure Which Offer To Launch First


 This is a term which is becoming more and more common in the online space.  There's a brilliant article by Kinga Mnich which breaks this down for you.  You can read it here!  However, for me, a multi-passionate person is someone who is, well, passionate about multiple things.  HA! 

Seriously, though, it's someone who has quite a few strengths and abilities to help others and finds joy in doing so.  When you sit with these words, you may have a few "celebrities" who already come to mind:  Oprah, Beyoncé, Jesse Itzler, Chalene Johnson, etc.  



And you, yourself, may even resonate with the term "multi-passionate entrepreneur"... I know I do! 

There's a quite a few things I am passionate about when it comes to business/helping others:  biohacks or performance hacks, business strategy, business...

Overwhelmed With All The Decisions - Here’s A Hack!


Recently, I read somewhere that most of our habits or decisions were made subconsciously which if you think about it makes sense.

IF the conscious mind had to whip up the pros/cons for EVERY single decision... we would be FATIGUED and exhausted. ALL. THE. DANG. TIME. 

Yet some folks can become paralyzed with too many options and unable to make ANY decisions... you probably heard the phrase, "analysis paralysis".

Which has a nice RING to it, no? But it's not a good place to be living. 

Sometimes INFORMATION overload can lead us to fatigue, confusion and even worse, the dreaded analysis paralysis.



One thing I learned to help my brain stay SHARP is to reduce the decisions it has to make throughout the day AND to follow my gut.

Okay. Sounds easy, but how exactly?

  • PLAN things out in advance:  as much as possible, because LIFE can kick you in the lady bits and screw things up
  • MAP OUT the week ahead:  menu, homeschooling points...

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