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4 Things Learned From Running + How It Applies To Business

This year, I set a goal for myself to start training as an endurance athlete which sounds crazy UNLESS you are also hooked on running countless hours in the middle of nowhere lost in your own thoughts... then you get it.

But what I'm LEARNING about this journey is how much endurance training has a LOT in common with being a digital CEO... such as:

  1.  VISION:  In both your business + in endurance training... you set a vision for yourself. Maybe it's to gain 5 new 1:1 clients... maybe it's to run 50K... you jot down a VISION to get you towards you goal.
  2. RESILIENCE:  There will be ups and downs with both being a solopreneur as well as a runner. Plus, most of the time, YOU are alone when putting in the work. You'll want to throw in the towel at some point... but you also realize with every fail/loss, there's an opportunity for growth!
  3. REST DAYS:  Just as an athlete needs to have days to RECOVER and allow their body to heal, an entrepreneur would benefit from...

3 Hacks which helped ME Reduce Stress


"Every cell in your body is constantly listening to your thoughts."  - Dr. Mark Hyman

I remember reading once that by relaxing your brain you actually HELP your body repair itself and create new healthy cells.

Which on the flip side means if we stay in a constant state of anxiety and stress, we are NOT helping our body heal... right?

With this past week, there were LOTS of times for me to FEEL anxious + stress.

However, HOW would that serve me? IF I choose to feel anxious and stressed this past week, who would benefit... would this be helpful or harmful to my body... to my energy... to my performance?

This week was one of the MOST relaxing weeks I had in a long time... and that was with added tasks on my plate PLUS still having to do mom-homeschooling life with 2 puppies.

HOW is this possible?!?

There were THREE things I focused on this week which was inspired from Dr. Hyman's own words...

  1. Nourishing my body with foods which didn't cause additional stress... stayed true to...

[BIOHACK] Morning hacks to Boost Energy All Day

When I started focusing on my MORNING routine, it was simply waking up to move my body + spend time in gratitude with God.  It was a way for me to sorta "bookend" my day, crafting a morning and evening routine.

In order to have some structure in a beautiful chaotic day filled with homeschooling twins while being the CEO of my business, my morning routine needed a makeover.

Over time, my morning routine has evolved and will most likely continue to evolve as I learn + implement and discover what works for ME + my body... in that particular season of my life.  You feel me? 

I'll share with you a glimpse of my morning routine; however, starting today — discover what would the most OPTIMAL morning routine look like for you + start implementing just 1% at a time.



  1.  Unplug for 1-2 Hours (no cell phone, no emails, no podcasts)
  2.  Hydrate with 16oz of H2O
  3.  Brain Health Supplements 
  4.  Grounding +...

Increase Your Performance While Working From Home

Working from home definitely has it's advantages, especially for any introverts out there - like myself.  The at-home attire consisting of black leggings, graphic tees topped with a maxed out dry shampoo messy bun and hoodie.  No-judgement trips to the bathroom and the close proximity to the refrigerator.  Right?!?


However, there's also a downside to working from home which is... unlimited distractions!  And if you are a mama who finds herself building her empire out home with littles, those distractions were just 10x.  Kidding, they were 8500x. 


So, to help you out, love whether you are a mama or not... here's my top hacks to working from home PLUS a sweet little bonus to take your performance up a notch! 


1.  OWN YOUR HOURS:  You possibly heard this before "own your hours" however, what I mean exactly is OWN the hours with how you want to spend your time.  This could be:  being present with your...

Bio Hack to Help Step into the CEO Role of Your Life (+ Biz)

In 7 years of running an online business while juggling life with twins, the morning routine has evolved over time. With this past year, I have seen EXPLOSIVE ENERGY and LASER FOCUS in my days.

I went from exhausted, 2pm latte drinking brain fog mom squeezing snippets of work throughout the day to energized, mentally focused and coaching for an 8- figure business all while homeschooling our twins, the Gillies and growing my own business.

Here's the beautiful part about this, the transformation didn't take more HUSTLE... sweet, right?  However, it did take focusing on my habits... just 1% at a time.

This is what I'm here to help you with, but I should warn you this is not your grandmother's biohack-your-morning routine. In fact, this isn't about trying to do ALL the things ALL at once. Heck, no one can do ALL the things ALL the time. It's simply about doing your best, every single day. No matter WHAT the season you are in, love.

I break things down for you one step at a time in my...

Biggest Lesson I Learned While Running 150 Miles Across the Sahara


It started when a classmate in vet school was talking about a race she wanted to do... everyone was huddled around her saying she was crazy, when I piped up "I'll do it with you."

She took me up on the offer and a year later, I found myself with me 20kg backpack full of food/supplies + my Optimus prime squirt bottles on a bus driving deep into the desert to take us to the jeep which would bring us further INTO the desert.

I remember hearing the doctor on the bus inform everyone about insects/reptiles to be on the lookout for and her words, "the sting of the scorpion will kill you in 4 hours".

“It will take a helicopter 2 hours to find you and 2 hours more to bring you to the nearest hospital. So, don't get stung."

That's when a wee bit of fear crept up...
Not going to lie.

It wasn't until we got started with the race that all my fears washed away and I felt at peace... just me, the blaring sun, the endless sinking sand and my...

My Skin Routine Also Involves What's On My Plate



This was CRAZY to me, I didn't pick up a skin care routine until I turned thirty- ahem- five. And even then I am not consistent with the night time routine.  The morning routine, however, I got down pat...


But this surprised my friend as she said oh so kindly I didn't have wrinkles. I honestly DO have wrinkles and think my friend needs to see an optometrist; however, I do feel like the reason WHY my skin acts like it does... has to do with my skin routine BUT also... other things!




I said it.


See, it also has to do with what I put INTO my body... the foods I do (and don't) consume. SO, I figured why not share some of my favorite foods + why... because WHY NOT, share?


  1. Unprocessed foods - enough said
  2. Pasture-fed beef, game animals, chicken and eggs
  3. Wild fish and shellfish
  4. Collagen - every day, in my coffee
  5. Animal-derived fats like... butter and egg yolks
  6. Cod-liver...

Top Biohacking Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Love. Dude. Homeslice. 

One thing I absolutely LOVE to do is give gifts, it is probably my love-language and it’s something which I truly excel at; however, the hubster does not.  Not hating on the man, he has numerous amazing talents… gift giving is not one of his strong suits.  He knows, I know it and now SO do you!   


And if gift-giving is not your strong suit then take a deep breath + know I got you!  Here are some of my absolute FAVORITE biohacking tools and gadgets for the #CEOMom in your life.  These tools are selected to help YOUR mom feel more energized, more focused and keep her living her best life. 


Listed in NO particular order: 

  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses:   I opted for the ever so stylish tortoise shell frames; however, choose your liking.  Bluelight blocking glasses aid in reducing the glare from the computer screens and also help signal your body to sleep, I try to put...


Biohacking is basically the journey of experimenting with external/internal factors to help YOU become the BEST version of you. And here's a few tips to help YOU embark on your own journey to be the BEST version of YOU, the superhuman version as the Gillies, our twins say.

1. Identify WHY this is important to you... something I discovered is when we focus on SERVING + helping others, we stay motivated. When the WHY is more than just ourselves.

2. Biohacking isn't just about fancy gadgets... it has to do a lot with our habits + the not so fancy day-in, day-out tasks we do which no one will see.

3. There's more to it than just NUTRITION... it's also about our MINDSET, breathing, movement, functional medicine and so much more.

4. Overwhelmed with where to start choose one habit and implement until it becomes second nature. If we try to GO BIG or GO HOME, we tend to get frustrated or overwhelmed and slip back into older habits.

5. Try to spend 30 minutes each day with your feet in the...

You don't have to do ALL the things --- Just Focus on 1% Better

YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ALL THE THINGS... Just focus on 1% Better!

I remember the day the hubster and I were walking down our long driveway back in Texas... we were bringing the trashcans to the road when I began verbally vomiting on him.

He listened as I poured out all my frustrations with having to do ALL the things but SUCKING at majority of them.

It felt like I was a failure in so many ways. Can any other mom relate?!?

And I’m not sure if you felt this way NOW or have before... but maybe you need to hear what he told me next.

You don’t have to do ALL the things... and definitely not ALL the things perfectly. You just have to focus on doing just 1% better. If you do this, over time it will compound and you will be kicking some major sass.”

And maybe that’s what you need to hear today, too, love.

You don’t have to do ALL the things ... just focus on doing 1% better than you did yesterday.

In WHATEVER way that looks like to you.

Maybe it’s you...


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