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Hacks to an Effortless Launch Without Sacrificing Your Family Time or Energy

Imagine this.

You just spent oodles of dollars investing in your launch... with courses, hiring a VA and an email marketer plus don't forget your website + all those additional things which pile up.

It's midnight of cart closing and you find yourself completely exhausted.  You are sleep deprived and overly caffeinated making you resemble a squirrel on RedBull.  You haven't had a real shower since the day cart opened yet you DID THE THING!  You launched your product... it's out into the world.


But the feeling of doing this over and over again feels a wee bit daunting.  It kinda actually terrifies you a wee bit. 


That my friend, is what some folks call... Launch PTSD.  And it's real.  


Now, I'm not making light of PTSD.  As a person who has a bout of PTSD due to life trauma, I get it.  It's anxiety and a heaviness on the chest.  It's horrible dreams waking you up in sheer panic drenched in sweat and a sense of...

One Thing to Do Daily IF You Want To Grow As An Entrepreneur

Back in college, I worked in a local bookstore, which was completely fabulous. It was dimly lit and smelled like dusty paperback books, with fresh coffee brewed and local baked goods on display.

Light jazz music played gently in the background, and if you came in the afternoon, you could catch a glimpse of the two slightly obese cats snoozing in the window display. Each day I went to work was like walking onto a movie set of a romantic comedy, with potential for a “meet cue” with my love interest. I loved every minute of it. 

Besides the owner of the shop, there was another worker who was slightly older and so much cooler than me. We each had a section of the store we fancied, and mine—if you could guess it—was the chick-lit section. This was the section filled with books on, well, female heroines and romantic comedies.

Oh, my Doris Day-Debbie Reynolds loving heart. 

One section I never took the time to browse was the self-help aisle, which is...

The Secret To Reaching Your Goal Isn't More Hustle... But It May Surprise You!

Bringing the tough love to you, today.  As it's something I have to remind myself of often… it’s not about the hustle.

Hustle is defined (by Mr Dictionary) as obtained by forceful action or persuasion. To move hurriedly in a specified direction. Busy movement or action.

Your vision… the impact you desire to create, doesn’t need your hustle.

It simply needs consistent action.



This is something my clients tend to hear a lot from me while working together knee deep in their business strategy.  It's not about putting in longer hours in front of the computer screen... just because you logged in 12-16 hours at your desk doesn't mean you put in 12-16 hours of good work.  Ouch, Amber!

Would you rather 2-4 hours of good quality work OR 12-16 hours mediocre work with lots of distractions, interruptions and social media scrolling?  I'm pretty sure you'd opt for the former, right?

That's the point I'm trying to make.  It's one I...

Switched This Morning Habit to Increase My Energy + Mental Clarity

In 7 years of running an online business while juggling life with twins, the morning routine has evolved over time. With the past two years, I have seen EXPLOSIVE ENERGY and LASER FOCUS in my days.

I went from exhausted, 2pm latte drinking brain fog mom squeezing snippets of work throughout the day to energized, mentally focused and coaching for an 8-figure business all while homeschooling our twins, the Gillies.

 Here's the beautiful part about this, the transformation didn't take more HUSTLE... sweet, right?

However, it did take focusing on my habits... just 1% at a time. 

That's right - this isn't about trying to do ALL the things ALL at once. Heck, no one can do ALL the things ALL the time. It's simply about doing your best, every single day. No matter WHAT the season you are in, love.

 Some days, you are going to be channeling ALL of the WONDER-WOMAN vibes which is awesome - do your best that day! Other days, you are spraying dry shampoo on your toothbrush...

My Go-To Hack For Dealing With Stress

This month in the Biohacker Babe Academy, we are dissecting what exactly stress is... the good, the bad and the ways to combat the stress in your life with a few biohacks.   Why exactly was this topic selected, well, this past month life sorta kicked me in the lady bits.


There was (and still is) quite a bit of stress in my life.  Some stress I caused on myself  (such as signing up for an endurance race) and other stress was added due to life circumstances or obstacles I couldn’t control or foresee. 


So, it just seemed like the perfect time for the Biohacker Babes to hear what I was actually experiencing and how my body on a cellular level was responding to ALL the stress as well as what I did to combat it.  And I figured, YOU, might be dealing with some sorta stress yourself... and maybe, just maybe, my go-to hack for combating stress could help. 


Unfortunately, no, my go-to hack isn't heading to our local ice...

The Biggest Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business... (Which Also Applies To Homeschooling!)

Most folks don't like to call out their own mistakes... however, IF by me listing out the top 3 mistakes I have made (thus far) in my business helps YOU not to make the same mistakes then let's do this.  I'm all for mamas helping one another build their digital empire.  

In no particular order... 


Mimicking my schedule to what other "successful" coaches, mentors or fellow entrepreneurs were doing (or saying on social media they were doing!).  

It's true what they say, "success leaves clues", but one thing I realized was that not everyone has the same daily obstacles as I do.  

Were these coaches homeschooling their twins?  Nope.  Were these mentors puppy training two new puppies?  Nope.  Were these fellow entrepreneurs doing x, y or z?  Nope, they had q, r and s!

Not everyone has MY life schedule or obligations nor does everyone have YOURS... so it makes sense that my (or your) schedule for...


Now.  What I say in a few minutes may sound a wee bit silly… I get it.  But here’s the thing, it helps ME and if it helps me then maybe it will help you, too. Need a little backstory of WHO I am?

Well, you can read more HERE or catch some bullet points:

  • mama bear to twin 8 year olds, the Gillies

  • emergency/critical care veterinarian by education

  • currently homeschooling our twins (second graders)

  • providing therapy to our little man daily

  • head coach for James Wedmore's Business By Design Community 
  • founder of our Biohacker Babe Academy 

I’m giving you this recap of moi to let you know…. I get it!  LIFE happens and if you are like me, there’s personal goals you have set for yourself but sometimes, you are tired. Sometimes, wee little ones are sick.

Sometimes, you are pulled in multiple directions that seem like YOU can not take a beat for yourself. I GET IT! And trust me, it’s the season I am currently in…...

4 Things Learned From Running + How It Applies To Business

This year, I set a goal for myself to start training as an endurance athlete which sounds crazy UNLESS you are also hooked on running countless hours in the middle of nowhere lost in your own thoughts... then you get it.

But what I'm LEARNING about this journey is how much endurance training has a LOT in common with being a digital CEO... such as:

  1.  VISION:  In both your business + in endurance training... you set a vision for yourself. Maybe it's to gain 5 new 1:1 clients... maybe it's to run 50K... you jot down a VISION to get you towards you goal.
  2. RESILIENCE:  There will be ups and downs with both being a solopreneur as well as a runner. Plus, most of the time, YOU are alone when putting in the work. You'll want to throw in the towel at some point... but you also realize with every fail/loss, there's an opportunity for growth!
  3. REST DAYS:  Just as an athlete needs to have days to RECOVER and allow their body to heal, an entrepreneur would benefit from...

3 Hacks which helped ME Reduce Stress


"Every cell in your body is constantly listening to your thoughts."  - Dr. Mark Hyman

I remember reading once that by relaxing your brain you actually HELP your body repair itself and create new healthy cells.

Which on the flip side means if we stay in a constant state of anxiety and stress, we are NOT helping our body heal... right?

With this past week, there were LOTS of times for me to FEEL anxious + stress.

However, HOW would that serve me? IF I choose to feel anxious and stressed this past week, who would benefit... would this be helpful or harmful to my body... to my energy... to my performance?

This week was one of the MOST relaxing weeks I had in a long time... and that was with added tasks on my plate PLUS still having to do mom-homeschooling life with 2 puppies.

HOW is this possible?!?

There were THREE things I focused on this week which was inspired from Dr. Hyman's own words...

  1. Nourishing my body with foods which didn't cause additional stress... stayed true to...

[BIOHACK] Morning hacks to Boost Energy All Day

When I started focusing on my MORNING routine, it was simply waking up to move my body + spend time in gratitude with God.  It was a way for me to sorta "bookend" my day, crafting a morning and evening routine.

In order to have some structure in a beautiful chaotic day filled with homeschooling twins while being the CEO of my business, my morning routine needed a makeover.

Over time, my morning routine has evolved and will most likely continue to evolve as I learn + implement and discover what works for ME + my body... in that particular season of my life.  You feel me? 

I'll share with you a glimpse of my morning routine; however, starting today — discover what would the most OPTIMAL morning routine look like for you + start implementing just 1% at a time.



  1.  Unplug for 1-2 Hours (no cell phone, no emails, no podcasts)
  2.  Hydrate with 16oz of H2O
  3.  Brain Health Supplements 
  4.  Grounding +...

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